Are you good to use sex underwear as a swimsuit video?

Falling underwear as a swimsuit to pay attention to the problem

In recent years, more and more women have chosen to wear sexy underwear for swimsuit for swimwear on swimming pools, beaches and other occasions.In fact, there are indeed similar design elements between sexy underwear and swimsuit, such as transparent materials and sexy styles.However, you need to pay attention to some problems using sex underwear to avoid accidents.

The difference between sexy underwear and swimsuit

First of all, it is clear that there is a difference between sexy underwear and swimsuit.Interest underwear is usually designed for sex and interaction. The materials and design styles used are limited.The swimsuit pays more attention to functionality and comfort. Materials and design are professional standards.

Pay attention to the material of sexy underwear

If you plan to use sexy underwear as a swimsuit, you need to pay attention to its material.Some materials are not suitable for use in water, such as velvet and silk. These materials are easy to absorb water, deform or fade, and have a long drying time.

Choose a suitable style

When choosing sexy underwear as a bathing suit, design is a very important factor.Different styles are suitable for different occasions and types.For example, a large V -neck swimsuit is suitable for people with smaller chests, while the hemisphere cup type swimsuit is suitable for candidates with large chests.

Consider comfort

In addition to the appearance, comfort is also a problem that you need to pay attention to choosing sexy lingerie as a swimsuit.The design of sexy underwear is usually focused on the appearance without considering comfort.If you are too tightly tight, you may be very uncomfortable when swimming or playing with water.

Pay attention to health issues

When using sexy lingerie as a swimsuit, you need to pay attention to health issues.Some sexy underwear materials can easily cause vaginitis and urethritis.Therefore, you need to choose a material with good breathability, and you should also pay attention to personal hygiene.

Avoid transparent erotic sheets

The transparent sexy underwear is easy to lose the cover effect in the water, which brings some embarrassment to the wearer.In addition, because of rich nutrition, some transparent materials are more likely to be breeded by bacteria in the water, increasing the risk of illness.

Pay attention to the order of dressing

When using sex underwear as a swimsuit, you need to pay attention to the order of dressing.Wear sex underwear or swimsuit first, depending on the design and material of sexy underwear.If the sexy underwear is relatively thin and transparent, there is no waistline, it is recommended to wear a swimsuit first, and then wear the sex underwear on it.

Difficult to retreat in sex underwear

When using sex underwear as a swimsuit, it may be more difficult to retreat, because sexy underwear is usually used with strong water absorption.If you wear a fun underwear to retreat, you may encounter difficulties when swimming.

Interesting underwear is easily damaged

The last problem to pay attention is that sexy underwear is easily damaged.Interest underwear is not specially used in water activities. Therefore, when they are stained with chlorine, saline and other substances in the pools, they may not pay attention to damage and fade for a long time.


Consider the above problems before selecting sexy lingerie as a swimsuit.Instead of using sexy underwear, it is better to choose a professional swimsuit to better protect your health and image.

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