Can I wear sexy underwear if I am married?

Can I wear sexy underwear if I am married?


With the increasing degree of acceptance of sexual culture, sex underwear has become a must -have for many people to show their charm and sexy.It’s not just a single man or a couple just buying sexy underwear. Someone will ask if you can wear sexy underwear after getting married?This problem is easy to cause various views, let’s take a look at this topic next.

Restrictions under the concept of marriage

Many people think that they should be loyal to their partners after marriage, so they need to bear a series of responsibilities and obligations.People under the leadership of this concept generally believe that sexy underwear is a vulgar and lack of connotation products, so it is regarded as an immoral behavior.

The problem of sexy underwear and dressing

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Some people think that sexy underwear is designed to stimulate sexual desire. Wearing sexy underwear will make people feel more "exposed" and "casual", giving people too much exposure, and will be regarded as rude and decent in public occasions.Even at home, some people think that ordinary pajamas are also very comfortable when they passion.

The relationship between sexy underwear and marriage happiness

It is worth noting that excessive constraints may lead to psychological problems.For some people with inspiration and enthusiasm, the responsibilities and obligations of excessive payment will restrict them, which will affect the relationship between husband and wife and the happiness of marriage.The use of sexy underwear may make both sides feel more comfortable, relaxed and closer.

Sexual family education in husband and wife relationship

Sexual health between adults is very important, which is also a teaching in sexual family education.Wearing sexy underwear in the relationship between husband and wife may show a more proactive attitude, and it is also conducive to increasing the interest in the life of husband and wife.

The form, type, and wearing timing of sexy underwear

In addition to fabrics, styles and styles, sexy underwear can include various creativity, such as lace, satin and perspective effects. It has the advantages of one person.Not only must people feel unusual, but they are also used to highlight the advantages of a person.Interest underwear is not just a "sexy" feeling, but also looks quite charming to wear or preparation.

Perform problems that may occur in sexy underwear

When wearing a sexy underwear, if it is not appropriate, it may affect human physiological and mental health.If it is appropriate, properly wearing erotic underwear will make yourself feel more comfortable, and it will be more comfortable than daily clothes.

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The use of sex underwear and laws and regulations

Although sexy underwear is not illegal, it should be noted that its usage method is not all "allowed".For example, in some countries or regions, sexy underwear is regarded as obscene items, so it is necessary to consult local relevant laws and regulations before use.In addition, sexy underwear also needs to abide by multiple safety standards. Usually it is necessary to indicate the applicable age and gender, and you need to pay attention.

in conclusion

In practice, if the husband and wife are negotiated, sexy underwear can also become a adjustable factor in sexual life.We believe that wearing sexy underwear is a personal choice, but we need to pay attention to maintaining the health and safety of yourself and your partner.In any case, establishing a close relationship with your partner is always the most important.