Is it expensive to buy sexy underwear offline?

Is it expensive to buy sexy underwear offline?

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more loved by women, but sometimes online purchases cannot meet the needs of women. They will choose to go to offline physical stores to buy sexy underwear. So, is it expensive to buy sexy underwear offline?Let’s discuss this problem below.

1. Brand affects prices

There are many types of sexy underwear brands, and the prices posted by different brands will also be different.Some high -end brands have a high price of sexy underwear, while some affordable brands will be relatively cheap.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear online, the brand is the key to price affecting the price.

2. Commodity sales area

The demand and consumption level in different regions are different, so buying sexy underwear in some areas may be higher than in other regions.For example, when buying sexy underwear in some first -tier cities or commercial prosperous areas, the price will be relatively high.

3. The actual store area and decoration

Like traditional clothing stores, the area and decoration of the sexy underwear stores in physical stores will also affect the price.With large stores and luxuriously decorated sexy underwear stores, rent and decoration will spend more, so to support these costs, it will be higher.

4. The operating cost of the store

The operating costs of physical stores are often higher than online stores, which is one of the reasons for the higher offline prices of sexy underwear.Early rents, decoration, staff salary, and later maintenance, hydropower, etc. will be reflected in the price of the goods.Relatively speaking, the operating costs of online stores are relatively low, and the price will be more affordable.

5. Service level and customer experience

Compared with online shopping, offline shopping has better service level and better customer experience.To buy sexy underwear in physical stores, you can get professional services, including trial penetration and matching more personalized and real -time experience.Moreover, if after -sales problems are encountered, the service of physical stores is faster and more secure.The cost of providing and experience of these services will also increase the price of the product.

6. Sales and promotion

Unlike online shopping, there is greater sales and promotional costs offline.The physical store needs to improve the shopping experience and locking the customer group through advertising, promotional activities and employee training. These costs will also be reflected in the price of the product.

7. Social experience selected

In addition to its own nature of offline shopping, there is another consideration: the social experience selected.Going to physical stores with friends or partners to buy sexy underwear is a way to obtain recognition and shared shopping experience.Although it is not a factor that directly leads to the price of the product, the factors are still valued by many customers. More and more merchants also provide related experience services specifically for this aspect.

8. The value of customers from experience and services

Finally, the value that customers can accept per capita consumption can also be understood as the value obtained by customers from experience and services. This is a relatively concept.Compared with online shopping, physical stores provide more detailed services and more experiences, so it is more valuable for customers.Although the price may be higher, this sense of value is difficult to quantify.

In summary, buying sexy underwear offline may be higher, but it provides better services and experiences, and a richer social experience, which cannot be achieved online.For customers who choose to buy sexy underwear, they get more value from it. Perhaps this value can exceed the price of the product.Therefore, we can choose the way to buy it by comparing the differences between online and offline.

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