Novel about sex underwear to work

Novel about sex underwear to work

1. an unusual working environment

Xiaojuan is a college student who has just graduated and found a job about selling sexy underwear.She was surprised at first, because in her impression, sexy underwear was a private thing for women.However, she decided to try the job because she needs to make money.

2. Accept the challenge

One day, a customer came in, and she wanted to buy a set of sexy lingerie.Xiaojuan was a little shy, but she tried to sell to customers.The customer said she wanted to try on because she needed to determine whether the size was appropriate.As a result, Xiaojuan took the customer to the fitting room.

3. Meet customer needs

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Xiaojuan helped customers try to wear sexy underwear and listened to her opinion.顾客告诉她,“这一套不错,但是我感觉还是有些紧。”小娟笑着说,“没问题,我们还有其他的尺码,您可以再试一下。”尽管她心里有些紧张,但是她Persist in meeting the needs of customers.

4. Learn product knowledge

Xiaojuan gradually learned about the series of products of sexy underwear.She knows what colors and styles are, which size and what kind of people.When selling products, she can better explain the characteristics of sexy underwear to customers and make more accurate suggestions.

5. Excellent sales target

In the past few months, Xiaojuan has surpassed the sales target.She cherishes every interaction with customers, and every time she is working hard to learn and improve herself.She found that the market competition in the sexy underwear is fierce, but if you can truly understand your customers and understand the product very thoroughly, you can better sell the product.

6. Master sales skills

Xiaojuan also realized that sales skills are very important.During the sales process, she tried to find out the needs and doubts of each customer and gave the corresponding suggestions and solutions.She knows how to gradually guide customers so that they are interested in products and attract them to eventually make decisions.

7. Feel the fun of work

Communication with customers makes Xiaojuan feel very interesting.She likes to put on her sexy underwear when receiving customers, which makes her feel a little excited.She likes to see customers who are satisfied with her recommendation, which makes her feel very fulfilled.

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8. Ready to accept greater challenges

Xiaojuan has prepared to welcome greater challenges.She has gained a lot of professional experience and has a deeper understanding of the sales of sexy underwear.She believes that as long as she keeps working hard and maintaining a positive attitude, she will be able to build her career in this field.

9. More opportunities

Xiaojuan found that the market demand of sexy underwear has continued to grow, and buyers have become more and more diverse.This also brings her more opportunities and allows her to have more space and development opportunities in her work.

10. Viewpoint: Selling sex underwear is a mature occupation

Selling sex underwear is a mature occupation that requires experience, skills and professional knowledge.Although this industry may make some people feel uncomfortable, it is a perfect career choice for those who have passion, patience, creativity, and keen feeling for interpersonal communication.