Rabbit erotic underwear band tail

Rabbit sex underwear introduction

Rabbit’s sexy underwear is a cute and realistic sexy underwear with the theme of rabbits.Common styles are rabbit ears, rabbit tails, rabbit belly and other elements, which are very popular.Among them, the rabbit’s erotic underwear with a tail is highly respected by lovers. Let’s take a closer look.

Rabbit sex underwear style

The style of rabbit sex lingerie is diverse, which can generally be divided into two types: tail and no tail.The rabbit’s erotic underwear with a tail is generally made of a soft material. The tail can be swinged and looks very realistic.The rabbit sexy underwear without tails is generally based on rabbit ears. It is used to decorate the upper body. It is more suitable for wearing on the bed or lying on the sofa for sex games.

Suitable occasion

Rabbit sexy underwear can be suitable for various occasions such as sexual parties, cosplay, and sex games.If you want to participate in a sex party, the rabbit sex lingerie with a tail can add a lot of temperament and charm to you.The rabbit sexy underwear without tail can also decorate your body, making you more attractive.

How to choose a size

Choosing the right size is very important. Too large and too small will affect your comfort and sexy.Generally, the size of rabbit sex lingerie is divided into S, m, and L. You can choose the appropriate size according to your height, weight, bust, and waist circumference.In addition, it is recommended that you choose a loose size so that you can make you more freely when wearing.

How to match clothing

Rabbit erotic underwear can be worn alone, or you can wear it with other clothing.If you want to show more sexy, you can choose to pair with high heels, lace stockings and other clothing.If you just want to play some sex games in the room, you can wear it alone, which is simpler and convenient.


Rabbit’s sexy underwear is generally not to be washed. It is best to wash it gently with your hands to avoid playing and deformation.In addition, it is recommended that you do not use too hot water to clean it, nor can you dry.After cleaning, you can use a towel to dry the moisture, and then dry it until it is completely dry.

Safe use tips

When using rabbit sex underwear, you must pay attention to safety.It is recommended that you choose a sexy underwear that meets national quality standards and has no poisonous supplies.If you have an allergic constitution, it is best to test the allergic reaction before wearing.In addition, pay attention to hygiene when using.

The purchase channel of rabbit sex lingerie

There are many purchase channels for rabbit sex underwear. You can choose to buy online stores, physical retail stores, Taobao and other channels for purchase.However, before purchasing, it is recommended that you carefully understand product information and merchant credibility to avoid purchasing products or products that are not available.

The price of rabbit sex underwear

The price of rabbit sex lingerie is different depending on the style and brand.Under normal circumstances, the price of rabbits in ordinary styles ranges from tens of yuan to two hundred yuan, and the price of luxury brand styles may reach thousands of yuan.Therefore, when buying, you can choose the product and price that suits you.

Rabbit erotic underwear and gender

Rabbit’s sexy underwear is not limited to gender, both men and women can be worn.In foreign countries, men wearing rabbit sex underwear at a sex party are more common.In China, women are usually the main consumers of rabbit sex underwear.Therefore, whether you are men or women, as long as you like, rabbit sex lingerie is your best choice.


Rabbit sexy underwear has become more and more love underwear for more and more people with its cuteness, sexy, and realistic appearance.In terms of wearing and maintenance, we need to pay attention to some details to avoid unnecessary trouble.Regardless of whether you are participating in a sex party or a sex game with your partner, rabbit sex lingerie can add more fun to your sexual life.

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