Sex underwear Zhihu

Sex underwear Zhihu

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear refers to underwear with more sexy and charming effects in design and style.Its design not only focuses on comfort and practicality, but also emphasizes visual effects and emotional effects.Interest underwear is different from traditional underwear, and pays more attention to the combination of appearance and functionality.In terms of sales and purchase, sexy underwear focuses on making people feel sexy, confident and attractive.

Common sexy underwear types

The basic classification of sexy underwear contains the following types:

Sexy underwear: smooth fabrics, lace and transparent materials to highlight the body curve of women.

Exposed – Striped Sheer Chemise – 4600

Student clothing: cotton fabrics, loose skirts and deep V style, reminiscent of the school’s beautiful memories.

Uniform temptation: dark fabrics, lace trim, and metal buttons make people think of judges, police, nurses and other professions.

Sexy incarnation: deep V -neck, back -off and high waist style, allowing women to release more confidence, charm and sexy.

How to choose sexy underwear

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can not only release women’s sexy, self -confidence and charm, but also enhance the emotion and intimacy between couples.

The following is a suggestion for purchasing fun underwear:

Comfort is the most important.Ensure that the purchase of sexy underwear is breathable, soft, non -toxic, non -irritating, easy to clean, suitable for your body, and unlimited your activities.

Focus on design elements.When choosing sexy underwear, you must value its lace, transparent, carved, embroidered, velvet, fluorescent and other elements to make the underwear look more sexy.

Pay attention to style matching.Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions and matching, such as sexy external clothes with suit styles, leather pants and high heels to increase women’s charm and mystery.

Bustiers & Corsets

Who is suitable for sexy underwear suitable for wearing

Interest underwear is not just designed for professional models or sexy female stars. Every woman can experience sexy and confident more than specific occasions than specific occasions.

In the following circumstances, suitable for wearing sexy underwear:

Wedding, Valentine’s Day, and Birthday and other individuals or special holiday celebrations.

A passionate night with the other half.

Want to find or maintain romance and passion in marriage.

Improve self -confidence and charm and become a more sexy self.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear

In order to maintain the sexy, charm and durability of sexy underwear, the following are several techniques about sexy underwear maintenance:

Pay attention to partition cleaning.The bathroom and washing machine are not a good cleaning place, it is best to wash it by hand.

Don’t use too hot water.Excessive water can cause the underwear to deform, damage the material and let the details fall off.

Avoid using a cleaner with strong alkali (oxygen bleach and chlorine bleach).They will destroy lace and wet fiber, discoloration and weight loss.

Do not use a dryer.They will deform underwear, be brittle and aging quickly.

Naturally drying.Dry underwear under the natural strong wind and soft sunlight.

Size in sex underwear

Although underwear size is a personal problem for everyone, the choice of size is very important for comfort and visual effects.

The following are suggestions for how to buy the appropriate size of sexual sexy lingerie:

Determine your body size.In order to ensure the accuracy of the size, it is best to measure the body shape before buying underwear.

Check the specifications of underwear dealers.Different underwear vendors have different sizes. It is best to carefully check the merchant’s size specifications before purchasing.

Buy elastic cloth or adjustable style.This style can adapt to different body shapes and body shapes, and it is more comfortable.

Should we accept sexy underwear?

Finally, let’s think about a question: Should we accept sexy underwear?

From the perspective of gender equality and personal freedom, everyone has the right to choose their favorite clothing, underwear and other personal customized projects.There is nothing wrong with sex underwear itself. Only in some cases, it may be considered inappropriate, such as wearing in public places such as work.

Therefore, we should see that sexy underwear is a sexy and confident expression, and should not be regarded as a symbol of negative, nausea or immoral.Private issues related to themselves and couples should be decided by everyone themselves.