Sexual underwear beaded picture video Daquan

Sexual underwear beaded picture video Daquan

Interest underwear beads are a special underwear design. It uses the decorative effect of beads to make the underwear more sexy and charming.This article will take you to understand the type, characteristics and matching methods of love underwear beads.

1. What is sexy underwear beads

Interesting underwear beads are an integrated design between beads and underwear. Usually add beads on the edge of the underwear, shoulder straps, chest, etc., mainly for beauty and sexy feeling.The integrated design adheres to the simple, atmospheric and noble aesthetic concept, and improves the style of women’s underwear.

Second, the characteristics of sexy underwear beads

1. Emphasize sexy feelings: Bead design highlights the characteristics of women’s sexy and charming characteristics, which can make the body more flexible and more beautiful.

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2. Exquisite handmade: Most of the processing of beads is handmade, and the order order, size, and styles of beads need to be carefully designed.This makes every sexy underwear beaded unique.

3. Impression: The light reflection of beads and texture silk fabrics make it unforgettable in terms of visual or touch.

Third, the type of sexy underwear beads

1. Big beads: decorate with big beads, and the colors between underwear and beads are coordinated with each other, which is very suitable for dinner or party occasions.

2. Small beads: decorate underwear with small beads, the shape is small and more delicate.The color of the little beads is richer, and it can be more accurate with the color of the underwear, which is suitable for formal occasions.

3. Crystal beads: Use transparent or colorful crystal beads for decoration, so that the entire underwear looks brighter and thorough, and has a light and deserted beauty.

Fourth, the matching of sexy underwear beads

1. With the shoulder straps: the decoration of the shoulder straps and beads echo each other, which can maximize the design characteristics of the underwear.

2. With perspective lace: Beads and perspective lace use can achieve double effects, making women’s charm more.

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3. With the tulle: The tulle can magnify the highlights of the beads. Even if it is slightly moved, it can show the flash point of the whole person.

5. Maintenance of underwear beads

Because beads are handmade, you need to be more careful.First do not put it in the sun for a long time, do not rub it hard. Washing dark underwear should pay attention to cleaning separately.In addition, it is best to use professional jewelry maintenance solution to wipe the underwear beads so that the gloss and state of the beads can be better maintained.

6. How to correctly wear sexy underwear beads correctly

1. Try to choose products of regular underwear brands.

2. Buy according to the characteristics of your body, don’t follow the trend blindly.

3. Pay attention to the occasion when mating with clothing.

4. Avoid excessive exercise when wearing sexy underwear beads.

7. The applicable crowd of sexy underwear beads

Sexy underwear beads are suitable for women who are confident in their figure, especially those who have high value and familiar with underwear.The suitable degree of this underwear depends on your temperament, personality and dressing.

8. The market value of sexy underwear beads

Many erotic lingerie and jewelry brands are defined, designed and produced in sexy underwear and beaded products.In the current market, sexy underwear beads are a very popular underwear product. For the underwear manufacturer and brand, sexy underwear beads have become an important profit point.

Viewpoint: Interest underwear is a very popular sexy underwear product, mainly because it increases the sexy charm of women and the beauty of underwear. It can play a very good effect on dresses, dinner, dinner, dating, and dating.You need to pay attention to the occasion and your body in order to choose and wear beaded underwear in order to achieve the best beauty and shape your body and sexy effect.