Sexy lingerie Cutting pictures female version of the female version

Sexy lingerie Cutting pictures female version of the female version

Sexy lingerie Cutting pictures female version of the female version

Sexy underwear is a private taste of women. Different erotic underwear can show different sexy and charm, making women more confident and beautiful.As one of the underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to the integration of sexy and beautiful, so the design of cutting and style is particularly important.This article will introduce several common erotic lingerie cuts to help women better understand these tailor styles.

I. Triangle Cup sexy underwear

Triangular Cup sexy underwear is the most basic style. The breast cup of this sexy underwear is designed in the shape of a triangle.The "Triangle Cup" of the Triangle Cup sexy underwear means that the fabrics of the two chests are stacked into the shape of the triangle in order to cover the chest and maintain basic support and parcel.This kind of sexy underwear is often used in sexy light luxury style and sexy underwear. It is very comfortable to wear and can show the charm of women.


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The shoulder -free erotic underwear is the underwear style removed from the shoulder strap. The low -cut design can show the perfect collarbone lines and chest shapes of women.This sexy underwear is often used in wedding dresses, and is also commonly used in sexy black silk sexy underwear.

III. Triangle T -character sex underwear

Triangle T -character -in -Fun underwear is a combination of triangular cups sexy underwear and T -shaped pants.The characteristic of this sexy underwear is the T -shaped design of the chest cup and the lower body, so as to highlight the curve of the female hips and the lines of the chest.It is a charming style, which is often used in sexy four -piece sexy underwear.

IV. Zhale Fun underwear

The zipper erotic underwear has attracted the attention of many women’s groups with its unique zipper design.The zipper design makes it convenient to wear, and it can also show the wonderful personality and unruly temperament of women.It is often used in sexy candy pornographic underwear.

V. Fairy Jelly Play

Open sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with an opening design. This opening can be the opening of the chest, abdomen or lower body.This sexy underwear can show the private parts of women and perform sexy visual stimuli.It is one of the typical styles of sexy character playing sexy underwear.

Vi. Lace sex underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a sexy lingerie style with lace fabric as its main material. It uses a hollow design to show the female sexy back and chest lines.This sexy underwear can leave a noble and elegant impression, which is very suitable for wearing at the wedding.

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Vii. Butterfly knot sexy underwear

Bow’s sexy underwear is designed with small bow decorations, making sexy underwear more cute and playful.This sexy underwear is most suitable for young and lively women, and can show women’s youthful vitality and playful and cute temperament.


Belly Ben’s sexy underwear is a small piece of fabric in front of it to cover the private underwear of private parts, which is a sexy representative.It can show women’s bumpy belly and sexy waistband lines, which is very suitable for sexy and sexy underwear.

IX. Conjusational pants sex underwear

Conjoined panties are the sexy underwear of the upper and lower parts, which are often used in various sexy latex sexy underwear and comic sexy lingerie.It requires perfectly fitting the female body curve to show a sexy and noble temperament.

X. Instead pants underwear

Interest leather pants underwear is a sexy sexy lingerie style with leather ingredients. It is usually very restrained and can make women show strong sexy charm.

In summary, each sexy underwear has its own unique style and design. It is the most important thing to choose a style that suits you.The brand is very particular about the design and tailoring of sexy underwear, and often design different design according to different ages and figures.If you want to buy a sexy underwear that suits you, you can go to a regular underwear shop or brand official website for purchase.