Sexy underwear and underwear open gear free away

Sexy underwear and underwear open gear free away


Interest underwear has become an indispensable part of modern women’s daily life. They can not only increase women’s charm and self -confidence, but also improve the interesting life between husband and wife.Among them, the free design of the underwear has a huge advantage in wearing and interesting life.

What is the free -range panties?

The free -range panties refer to the panties with a special opening design, which can perform various sex activities without taking off the underwear.Ordinary underwear needs to be taken off before it can be proceeded.Underwear is usually made of high -quality materials, which is comfortable, durable and easy to clean.

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There are many different types of underwear -free design, including thin panties, thongs, T -shaped pants, sexy underwear and other types.Each type has its applicable scene and corresponding style choice.

Thin underwear

Thinwear panties are usually made of ultra -thin and breathable materials. It is very comfortable to wear, and can not even feel it.Because a loose design is adopted, it is very suitable for use in sex, which will not affect movement and experience.


The name of the thong came from the back of the pants divided into two red lines, and one of them passed through two hip fabrics to form a triangle.Its design can not only maintain a comfortable sense of closeness, and it is very convenient to not take off the underwear when it is convenient for sex.

T -shaped pants

T -shaped pants are also an open -crotch design, which is usually considered a easier style in life.It includes a thin band similar to the belt tied to the waist, which can make people feel the circulation of air, and it is also very comfortable to wear.

Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is designed as a more visual impact style to stimulate erotic and increase sexual life.Compared with other inner open crotchs, sexy underwear is often more beautiful and rich in details.

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The advantage of free panties open gear

The biggest advantage of the free design of the underwear is that the wearer can not take off the underwear during sexual activities, thereby reducing the evolution of eroticism and the drunk of clothes, which is more convenient and natural.In addition, the free -range underwear is also a more secure and hygienic and improved way of sex.

How to choose the underwear to open the gear free?

When choosing the underwear to open the gear, it is best to consider your own style, corresponding occasions, budgets, size, details and special uses or curiosity.Because different brands and styles will have different scope and capabilities.When selecting the panties to open the gear, you must pay attention to the comfort, softness, safety, and cleanliness of the material.

How to take care of the underwear to open the gear to free?

Underwear is free to keep it off than ordinary underwear.When the material is a liquid or soft cleaning product, the washing machine can be faintly cleaned, but be careful not to dry it with hot water or high temperature.Some underwear needs to be washed and treated with a soft agent to prevent the materials from deforming and cracking.


The free -range underwear is a more convenient, safe and interesting sex material, which can meet more needs for fun life.Different brands and styles have brought more possibilities for our choices.No matter what kind of style you choose, the correct care and treatment will make your life -free life experience better.