Sexy underwear doll skirt

Sexy underwear doll skirt

Sexy underwear doll skirt

What is a doll skirt

Doll skirt is a sexy sexy underwear, which is composed of skirts and upper body underwear.The uniqueness of this underwear is that its skirt is designed like a doll skirt style. It is very cute and sexy. It is usually matched with lace, gauze nets and other materials, making women look more sexy and charming after wearing it.

Types of doll skirts

According to the design style and style, the doll wrap skirts can generally be divided into Japanese, European and American, and Korean.Among them, Japanese doll bag skirts are usually designed as girls with full sense of girls. European and American doll bag skirts are more bold and sexy, while Korean doll wrap skirts are mixed with the characteristics of Japanese and European and American systems, making women look likeIt’s cute and sexy.

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Suitable for wearing doll skirts

Doll skirts are usually suitable for some romantic occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary.In addition, you can also wear doll bags in entertainment venues such as nightclubs and parties, showing the sexy charm of women.

How to choose the right doll skirt

Choose a doll skirt that suits you to consider your body and style. By choosing the right material and design, you should highlight your advantages and cover your shortcomings.In addition, you also need to choose appropriate styles according to your needs, such as whether you need to match your shoulder straps or what color underwear is suitable for what color.

How to wear a doll skirt

Wearing doll wrap skirts should be careful not to let the underwear, underwear and other clothes be exposed, and need to be adjusted flat. At the same time, pay attention to the length of the skirt and the appropriate waistline position to make it more slender and beautiful.

How to match doll wrap skirts

Doll skirts can be matched with various styles of shoes, such as high heels, flat sandals, etc.In addition, you can also match various styles of underwear, such as lace underwear, no trace underwear, half a cup of underwear, etc., making you look more charming and charming.

Maintenance of doll skirts


The doll skirt is a relatively fragile underwear. It needs special maintenance. Generally, you need to wash it with your hands, and wipe it gently with a towel. You cannot use chemicals such as bleaching agents.In addition, it is necessary to avoid sun exposure and friction, so as not to damage the material and quality of underwear.

Advantages of doll bag skirt

The doll bag is very comfortable to wear, the material is relatively light, and it is very cute and sexy, which can show women’s femininity and charming.At the same time, you can also match various styles of underwear and shoes to make women more casual and comfortable.

Disadvantages of doll skirts

The design of the doll skirt may sometimes be tight, especially in the waist and chest position, and it will be uncomfortable to wear.In addition, doll skirts are also prone to open lines and off -line, and need to be carefully maintained and cleaned more carefully.


Doll skirt is a very special and sexy underwear, which is very cute and charming to wear.By choosing the right style, matching and maintenance methods, this underwear can be more beautiful and innocent, showing the most beautiful side of women.