Sexy underwear express box is not big

Sexy underwear express box is not big

What a big sex underwear express box?Why is it so important

Sexy underwear is an indispensable item in women’s lives, and online purchase of sexy underwear has become the choice of more and more women. Although privacy packaging has become a guarantee for online sales of sexy underwear, courier packaging this seemingly insignificant detail problem problemIt is equally important for consumers.

Is the courier box not big?

The essence of privacy packaging is to mail information such as internal goods and orders without recognition.The size of the courier box is related to the degree of product integrity and privacy protection.If the courier box cannot tolerate sexy underwear, the courier can only replace it with other suitable courier boxes and mail it. In this way, the internal product information cannot be exposed, but the product lacks the protection of the original packaging.

The courier box is big, why isn’t it necessarily a good thing?

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When the courier box is large, the internal goods are not protected. It is prone to collision, squeeze, etc., which causes the product to be damaged. From this perspective, the courier box is slightly smaller than the product size. It is more reasonable to leave 2-3cm to stand free to stretch the product.

Will the big -name sexy lingerie brand choose privacy airdrops?

You can take your heart to buy big -name sexy underwear, thinking that even if the courier box is not small, there will be privacy protection. In fact, it is not.Although most of the sexy underwear brands choose to provide privacy and airdrops, not all manufacturers will use reasonable courier boxes. Therefore, choosing a professional and more sexual erotic underwear website can ensure the rationality of shopping funds and gain more comprehensive privacy privacy.Protect.

Does the texture of the express box affect the degree of privacy protection?

In addition to the size of the courier box, the texture of the courier box is naturally one of the key factors of commodity safety.Under normal circumstances, the courier box made of general corrugated cardboard can also protect internal privacy, but when the product is valuable or mailing distance, high -quality cardboard, thickened cardboard, and corrugated cardboard with thickness and intensity such as safe boxes can be applied.

Is the color of the courier box related to privacy protection?

The color of the express box is mainly divided into three colors: whitening, gray and brown.In terms of privacy protection, gray and brown courier boxes are slightly advantageous than whitening courier boxes. Gray and brown colors are not easy to find in the postal package backlog, which achieves a better protection of privacy.

How to judge whether sexy underwear online purchase website is full of privacy protection?

There are mainly four points about the privacy protection of sexy underwear websites

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1. The "Privacy Statement" label on the homepage of the website, the link to the relevant guarantee clauses of the website, etc.

2. Instructions of the Terms of Sending information or privacy protection in the purchase page of the sexy underwear purchase page

3. Privacy protection data will only be used for coordinating related orders, and you must not leak casually

4. Provide good services on the premise of ensuring privacy.

final conclusion

Express box is one of the indispensable specific methods and infrastructure of sexual privacy protection of sexy underwear. Choosing a reasonable courier box with a reasonable size is nothing to do with the after -sales service experience. It is one of the specific methods for strengthening privacy protection. Do not ignore this when buying sexy underwear products.Important details.