Shanghai 笫 Sixth Session of Sexy Underwear Video

Shanghai 笫 Sixth Session of Sexy Underwear Video

Shanghai Sixth Sexy Underwear Video Exhibition

In today’s society, erotic underwear is no longer a toy that belongs to only a specific population, but more and more fashion underwear that more and more women love.Shanghai’s 6th Info Underwear Video Exhibition is a grand event in China’s sexy underwear industry.Let ’s explore the new trends and brands of sex underwear at the exhibition.

Diversified style

Today, the design and style of sexy underwear are very rich. Its details, cutting, crotch cutting, materials, and attachments used are strictly controlled to ensure quality.There are many sexy lingerie styles at the exhibition. There are various styles such as interesting lace stockings, sexy lace three -point style, slippery and free marked underwear to meet the needs of different consumers.

Combination with art

Cut Out Rhinestone Lace Halter Teddy Bodysuit – 9199

The design of sexy underwear has got rid of the restraint of the past and represents its new aesthetics.At the exhibition, some brands have cooperated with contemporary artists, especially the fusion of artistic elements with sexy underwear to form a diverse and unique style.

International design

At this exhibition, sex underwear brands from many countries and regions such as Japan, the United States and Europe showed.These brands not only show huge differences in design styles, but also use advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to make sexy underwear more healthy and comfortable and beautiful.


The design of sexy underwear is not just to chase fashion and art, it can also satisfy the different body size of women, focusing on the outline and focus of the body.Sex underwear should be able to show the advantages of women and make them feel confident and beautiful.At the exhibition, many brands have applied the design of the body to sexy underwear.

Use health materials

Users in sexy underwear are often concerned about it.In order to solve this problem, sex underwear brands have begun to explore the use of safer and healthier materials to make, such as organic cotton and bamboo fiber.At the exhibition, some brands pay special attention to the health problems of underwear, and use environmental protection and human harmless materials to make sexy underwear.

Soning technology elements

With the advancement of science and technology, sexy underwear is no exception.Various high -tech erotic underwear presented by sound activation of light pattern, surface luminous, etc. This style is extremely popular and welcomed.At the exhibition, some brands have successfully applied some new technology elements to make sexy lingerie, which gives consumers a better experience and has greater imagination, confidence and charm.


Break through the red routine

Sex underwear and red are inseparable, but some brands have begun to explore in other colors. From pink, yellow, black to light blue, sexy underwear now has more color arrangement combinations.At the exhibition, some brands tried to use new elements in terms of color, and fused more elements to break the traditional manufacturing.

in conclusion

In short, at the Sixth Sexy Lingerie Video Exhibition in Shanghai, we have seen great progress in the design and manufacturing of the sexy underwear industry.The purchase of sexy underwear should be selected according to the needs, preferences and physical forms of each person.Choosing the right sexy underwear can make women present self -confidence and charm, and feel true freedom and comfort.