Shanghai 2010 Instead Underwear Walk Show

Shanghai 2010 Instead Underwear Walk Show

Shanghai 2010 sex lingerie show show is unprecedented

In 2010, Shanghai held a grand erotic underwear catwalk event, which attracted countless underwear enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts to watch.This catwalk shows various styles from adult underwear to sexy lingerie, making people eye -opening.

Adult sex lingerie: from mature and elegant to sexy wild

Adult sex lingerie has always been an important branch of the underwear industry. This catwalk shows various styles from mature and elegant to sexy and wild.There are elegant styles with noble style, strange styles like neon lights, and fascinating fragrant styles.Each adult erotic lingerie shows the unique idea of the designer.

Beauty sex lingerie: Visual feast of hormones soaring

Lace Bra Bodycon Dress – 12928

Beauty sexy underwear is dreaming of every man and woman. This catwalk shows sexy beauty sexy underwear, such as silk -like soft transparent underwear, black underwear with strong strength on the body, demons -like red underwear, etc.Each one is full of distinctive visual effects, making people instantly soaring hormones.

European and American sex underwear: different designs and styles

European and American sex lingerie is always the pioneer in the underwear industry. They are always at the forefront of the industry in terms of design and style. This catwalk shows avant -garde European and American sexy underwear.It is unique and unique in shape, exquisite details and technical tricks.

Sexy underwear: sexy body

Sexual feelings are unique in design, and they tend to highlight the beautiful side.This catwalk shows many styles of sexual emotional interesting underwear. They use many design elements and technologies. For example, a variety of split types can make women’s figures more sexy and beautiful.

Leopard erotic underwear: show wild and beauty

Leopard erotic underwear has always been one of the representatives of sexy underwear. This series has various styles, including swimsuits, leggings, sling vests and bra.This catwalk shows a number of leopard and sexy underwear. The design is unique, showing the perfect combination of wildness and beauty.

Transparent erotic underwear: perfectly show body lines

Transparent erotic underwear is one of the classics of sexy underwear, and it is unique in design or sexy.The advantage of transparent erotic underwear is that it can perfectly show body lines without losing beauty and sexy.This catwalk shows a variety of transparent sexy underwear, each of which exudes a strong sexy atmosphere.

Plus Chemise

Manufacturing sexy: Introduce sexy underwear how to create sexy personality

Interesting underwear to create sexy personality is one of the themes of this catwalk, in order to create a sexy, charm and temptation atmosphere.The designers start with seemingly detailed details, carefully designing sexy underwear to show the beautiful curve of women in the body. By modifying their figures and showing their beauty, women are more sexy.

Brand sexy underwear: show brand strength and design creativity

Brand sexy underwear has always been an important part of the underwear market. Each brand’s sexy underwear has its own characteristics and charm, and the brand sex lingerie design displayed in this catwalk is unique and different in style.This catwalk event has also become a platform for the brand to show its strength and design creativity.


Shanghai’s 2010 sexy underwear show is unprecedented, and the various sexy lingerie styles, styles and design are dazzling. At the same time, the charm of underwear culture has also been passed on to more people.Underwear is no longer just a basic demand, but also an important carrier of physical beautification and sexy charm.