Taobao sex underwear province sales volume

Taobao sex underwear province sales volume

Zhejiang: Gorgeous and sexy literary and sexy underwear

Zhejiang Province is the "severe disaster area" of sex underwear sales. According to Taobao data, Zhejiang’s sex underwear sales are the highest in the provinces and cities across the country.The best -selling products of Taobao sex underwear are also dominated by gorgeous, exquisite and sexy literary style.

Guangdong: sexy and practical mixed -match style sexy lingerie

Guangdong is another province with good sales of sexy underwear, ranking second only to Zhejiang.Compared to Zhejiang’s literary and sexy lingerie, Guangdong consumers prefer practical and sexy mixed -matching style.

Shanghai: Fresh and simple sexy underwear new fashion

As a national fashion capital, Shanghai’s sexy underwear market also has a different characteristics.Here, the fresh and simple sexy underwear style is becoming popular, and the owners of Taobao sex underwear have quickly launched such new products based on market demand.

Beijing: Free and free sexy sexy underwear

As we all know, Beijing women have strong personality and independent thinking ability.In the choice of sexy underwear, Beijing women pay great attention to the sexy atmosphere of freedom, free and easy.Therefore, Taobao’s best -selling products have this characteristic characteristics.

Sichuan: Fresh and Elegant Girls’ Love Underwear

The consumer group of the sexy underwear market in Sichuan is mainly young girls. These young women like fresh and elegant sexy underwear, and Taobao sex lingerie shops have fully considered this point in product design.Interest underwear.

Hunan: Romantic and beautiful sexy underwear style

Hunan’s sexy underwear market is mainly romantic and beautiful style, and this style of sexy underwear also has a good sales performance in Taobao sex lingerie shops.

Jiangsu: Noble and elegant European -style sexy underwear

The sexy underwear market in Jiangsu Province is mostly nobility and elegant European style. Taobao sex underwear stores also chose this style to meet market demand, and its sales performance is also very good.

Shandong: Simple and stylish sexy underwear style

The sexy underwear market in Shandong is relatively young and likes to pursue simple and fashionable styles.Taobao sex underwear stores will also fully consider this when launching products, focusing on product design and style shaping.

Fujian: sexy vitality sexy underwear

Fujian women are more open, focusing on the embodiment of sexy and vitality.Taobao sex underwear stores will also launch sexy underwear products that focus on sexy and vitality according to market demand.

Henan: Retro fancy sexy underwear style

Consumers in the sexy underwear market in Henan also tend to retro style.Taobao sex underwear shops have also fully considered market demand in product design, and launched many products that meet the tastes of consumers.


People in different regions have different demand and preferences for sexy underwear. Taobao sex underwear shops will fully consider this in product design and sales strategies.Of course, market competition is becoming more and more intense. Stores need to continuously innovate and improve product quality and service level in order to better meet consumers’ needs and maintain a leading position in the market.

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