What is the blood droplets of sexy underwear


The charming design and style of sexy lingerie has become a fashion trend in modern society.Among them, one of the most commonly mentioned sexy underwear is Blood Vixen. This sexy sexy underwear is widely used in various occasions, including weddings, Valentine’s Day, underwear shows, etc.So what is blood droplets?Why is it so popular?

What is a blood drip?

Blood droplets are a sexy, red and transparent sexy underwear.Its name comes from the design of the shape of the blood drip. This underwear usually includes a sequin called "Heart-Shaped Sequin", which is used to cover the nipples.Blood droplets are usually soft and comfortable fibers, which can be suitable for women of various figures.This sexy underwear is bright and visually tempting.

History of Blood Drops

Blood Drops originally became an independent brand, founded by British sex underwear designer Caroline Grace.However, it soon became a popular trend in the entire sex underwear industry.Today, Blood Drop has become a type of sexy underwear series of many brands.

What kind of occasion is suitable?

Due to its unique design and effects, blood droplets are very suitable for various occasions.For romantic occasions such as weddings and Valentine’s Day, blood droplets can make women feel more figure and charm.In addition, blood droplets are often used in sexual parties, underwear shows, etc., which can make women feel energetic and confident.

How to choose the right blood droplets?

When choosing a blood drip, you need to consider several key factors.First, make sure the selected size matches the body, especially for the chest and hip.Secondly, when you buy it, you can see the material of the blood drip, and choose the texture of the texture that suits you and the knowledge of allergies.Finally, make sure the design and style suitable for the occasion

How to wear blood droplets?

Pay attention to a few steps to wear blood droplets.First, put on underwear and lace panties.Then, carefully put on the blood droplets, especially the sequins.Make sure that the chest is adjusted to make it look more attractive.Finally, with suitable jewelry and cosmetics to increase the overall temperament and charm.

Blood Drop Maintenance

Pay attention to the maintenance of blood droplets.First of all, hand washing or using dry washing is very important for the maintenance of blood droplets; second, avoid using hot water and bleaching agents; finally, use soft cloth or soap instead of brush to clean.

The price of blood droplets

The price of blood droplets ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.This mainly depends on the brand, material and design of underwear.Relatively speaking, the price of blood droplets is higher than other sexy lingerie styles, because its production process and decoration requirements are higher, such as spending more time in hand.

Disputes of blood droplets

However, the visual seductive sexy underwear like blood droplets often causes some controversy.Some conservatives believe that such underwear is too exposed and vulgar, while some female rights advocates believe that this underwear is insulting to women’s physical image and dignity.Nevertheless, the popularity and market demand of blood droplets are still growing rapidly.


In short, blood droplets are a very popular sexy lingerie, suitable for various occasions.Choosing and wearing appropriate blood droplets can increase the charm and confidence of women.When choosing and buying blood droplets, please pay attention to the design and material suitable for physical and occasions. Before use, you should also pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the clothes to maintain the time of its existence.

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