What is the name of a woman wearing a sexy underwear?


In the upcoming Valentine’s Day, sexy underwear will become a hot topic.In addition to the private surprise, some women like to treat sexy underwear as a piece of clothing.They walked on the street and let everyone look.So, what is the name of a woman wearing sexy underwear?Please read down.


First of all, we need to introduce the type of commonly wearing sexy underwear.In the market, you can see many styles of sexy underwear, but it is roughly divided into the following three types: corsets, jackets and open crotch pants.


A corset is one of the most common sexy underwear types.They are generally small in general and have less coverage area. Generally, lace and transparent mesh eye materials are made.Because the shape of the corset is similar to the bra, it is easily accepted by the outside world.Some women choose to wear corset with short skirts or shorts to create sexy daily wear.


Compared with the corset, the clothes are more explicit.They have a larger overall area, generally wrapped the entire upper body, and design a unique structure of transparent or openness in key parts.Some women choose to wear jackets with some coats to increase privacy on the premise of sexy.

Open crotch pants

Open crotch pants are another major category in sexy underwear.Like the conventional tights, the open crotch pants are fitted from the waist until the interface of the thighs and hips, and the open crotch structure is designed.Moreover, open crotch pants are more transparent and explicit than other sexy underwear.Some women choose to wear open crotch pants with knee boots, or wear directly under the skirt, not even afraid of glowing.

Dressing skills

Although wearing erotic underwear can create unexpected results, you may wish to consider wearing skills.

suitable occasion

Different erotic underwear is also different on suitable occasions.In some nightclubs or adult parties, people will wear more explicit sexy underwear and even wear them directly into a suit.However, in public, choosing some special and elegant sexy underwear will be more decent.


The matching of sexy underwear is the key.Although it can be worn directly, it is easy to have improper matching if they are not wearing a perfect woman.Especially when choosing some different materials of sexy underwear, you need to carefully match other clothing.


Although wearing erotic underwear can make people more free and bold, it is not suitable for some occasions.For example, when you go to the hospital to see a doctor, walk in the alley, or even work, the sexy underwear will be embarrassing.When choosing external wear, you need to pay attention to time and place restrictions.


Women wearing sexy underwear are not defined with "what is called".They have the spirit of confidence, courage, and dare to try new things.Whether in nightclubs or shopping malls, they exude unique charm.If you are one of them, you may bravely try to wear sexy underwear.

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