What is the name of AV in sex underwear?

What is the name of AV in sex underwear?


With the continuous development of society and the increasingly open concept of sexual concepts, sex underwear, as a kind of sexual supplies, has been widely accepted and has been appreciated and loved.In this context, more and more people have begun to combine sexy underwear with AV.So what AV is the AV shot in sexy underwear?This article will be discussed from multiple angles.

The combination of sexy underwear and AV

Interest underwear and AV itself are two interconnected concepts, which are closely related to sex.With the continuous innovation of sexy underwear design and the improvement of shooting technology, more and more AVs began to use sexy underwear as the props and themes of shooting.Such a combination can not only meet people’s sexual desire needs, but also increase sexual stimuli and fun.

Types and styles

There are many types of sexy underwear, including solid, colorful, lace, mesh, and so on.When shooting AV, select different styles and styles as needed.For example, some AV requires actresses to wear black lace underwear to create a sexy and charming atmosphere; some AVs need actresses to wear sexy underwear similar to students or nurses to simulate the role -playing scene.

Origin of name

Because there are many types of AV wearing sexy underwear, the name is different.Some people call it "sexy underwear AV", while others call it "uniform AV".The most common name is "SM AV", and SM means "Sadomasochism".Although not all AV wearing sexy underwear belongs to this category, this name has been widely circulated and used.

Shooting purpose and topic

Because sexy underwear has sexy and exciting characteristics, when shooting AV, sexy underwear has also become an important shooting prop.On the one hand, it can increase visual sensory enjoyment, and on the other hand, you can also show the character’s personality and characteristics through sexy underwear.For example, actresses wearing SM sex underwear are usually required to make some more intense and extreme performances.

Market demand and influence

With the continuous development of society and the gradual opening of sexual culture, the demand for sex underwear and AV markets has also increased.More and more people have begun to like and buy sexy underwear, and more and more sexy underwear elements are added to AV.It can be said that the combination of sexy underwear and AV has changed the original traditional AV model and enriched people’s sexual life and sexual psychology.This influence and trend will continue to develop with the continuous changes and development of the times.

Fusion of aesthetics and culture

In Chinese culture, sex has always been a more sensitive and cautious topic, and people often hold a more conservative attitude.However, with the progress of society and the change of aesthetics, more and more people have gradually accepted the openness and appreciation of sex. The combination of sexy underwear and AV has also become a new aesthetic and culture.It is the most important thing to find beauty and pleasure in it.

Discussion on illegal and moral issues

Although wearing a sexy lingerie AV has brought a lot of happiness and fun to people, it will inevitably involve some illegal and moral issues.In particular, some situations involving abuse and extreme performances can easily cause controversy and problems in society.Therefore, when shooting AV, we must pay attention to the issues of legal compliance and moral boundaries.

Shooting skills and main points

Of course, to take a good AV in sexy underwear, of course, it requires certain skills and points.First of all, pay attention to the angle and switching; secondly, pay attention to the details of the shooting, such as the expression and movement of the actress; in the end, you must also pay attention to the combination and use of the props.Only by combining these points and skills can we shoot high -quality sexy underwear AV.

Influence and contribution

Although wearing sex underwear shooting AV is somewhat controversial and sensitive to many people, it has a great impact and contribution to the development of the AV and sexy underwear market.It enriches people’s visual and psychological experience and promotes the progress and development of sexual culture.Therefore, it is necessary and rational to wear AV in moderation of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Although there are some controversy and problems wearing AV in sexy underwear, with the continuous progress of society and changes in aesthetics, it has become a new sex culture and aesthetic.At the same time, wearing a sexy underwear shooting AV also brought a lot of happiness and stimulation to people, becoming an important part of the development of the AV and the sexy underwear market.

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