What should I do if someone sends me sexy underwear?


The role of sexy underwear is not only to make women more beautiful and sexy, but also add a lot of fun to the life of husband and wife.But sometimes, if someone sends you a love underwear, you may be confused, after all, it is so personal and provocative.Therefore, this article will provide you with relevant suggestions to help you deal with this situation.

Check the label on the package first

If someone sends you a fun underwear, the first thing to do is to check the label on the package.Sometimes public postal processors may indicate "adult supplies" or "sensitive materials" on the label, so you must take this package more carefully.

Understand the sender

Then, please check who your sender is.Do you know this person?If you don’t know that this sender or thinks he should not send you affectionate underwear, you can choose to return this package.

Understand the source of clothing

If you confirm that this is a gift from a familiar person, you need to understand the source of clothing.If this is a lover, then it may represent some novel sexual toys and adventure happy times.And if it comes from a friend or family, it is likely that it represents a spirit of humor or joke.

View the style of sexy underwear

Check the style of sex underwear.Some sexy underwear, although passion, still maintains its strange sense and the characteristics of constant attempts.Other changes to conservatives, although there are sexy elements.For the former, you need to consider consent or refuse to use this type of underwear.For the latter, you can see if you feel that you can wear this underwear and cartoon style.

Understand the size

The size of sexy underwear is usually more special than ordinary underwear.Therefore, you need to determine whether the size you send is suitable for your body.If you believe it, you can contact the sender to ask the detailed measurement data of the sexy underwear or find the guidance instructions related to the size.

Choose whether to use sexy jackets

If you decide to use sexy underwear, then you can choose to put on it on Valentine’s Day or some special occasions.But if you are not sure if you want to use sexy underwear, then keep some time to consider and communicate with your spouse or partner.This is very important, because the use of sexy underwear requires the support and participation of spouses or partners.

Avoid excessive nausea or poor statements

When dealing with this package, avoid any excessive or suspicious statement.Even if you know that this is a sexy lingerie gift, you still need to pay attention to your language, especially in the office.

Keep personal and polite

The last point is to maintain personal and politeness.It is important that we need to respect the choices of others and try to enter such a conversation at the most appropriate time.If you feel uncomfortable about this gift, choose the appropriate way according to your relationship.

in conclusion

As the lifestyle of modern people is becoming more and more luxurious, it takes more time to find a balance between families and work. Interesting underwear is a way to break the conventional, making couples closer, and getting sensory stimuli and material satisfaction.EssenceTherefore, for personal items such as sexy underwear, it is important that you need to properly handle them to ensure the relationship between safety, respect, openness and trust.

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