When will you change sexy sheets?

Sex underwear is one of the essential clothes that enhance emotional and sexual quality of life.However, do you know when to replace your sexy underwear?In this article, we will explore the reasons and hints for more sexual underwear.

When will you change your sexy underwear?

1. When your sexy underwear is worn or lost in shape

Over time, the elasticity and shape of sexy underwear may change, causing the bondage of the underwear to decrease and even become loose.At this point, you need to replace underwear to ensure that she can provide better support, comfort and beauty.

2. When the color of your sexy underwear fade or appears at the ball

After a period of time washing and dressing, the color of the sex lingerie may fade and get the ball.This will not only affect the visual effects of underwear, but also affect the quality and comfort of underwear fabrics.Therefore, when you notice these problems, you should consider replacing your sexy underwear.

3. When your sexy underwear is deformation or smaller

If your erotic underwear is deformed or smaller, it is likely to be aging or overly used.When you start noticing that underwear loses the shape due to compression and deformation, this is time to replace underwear.

How to change sex underwear?

1. Don’t reduce the size

When you want to buy new sexy underwear, you may want to reduce the size to compress your body in order to be more attractive in sexy.However, this is not a correct choice.Reduce size can cause health problems such as discomfort, damage to breasts and restricting breathing.

2. Choose the right color according to your needs

The color of erotic underwear is one of the keys to make you feel confident and comfortable in sexy.Choosing the color that is consistent with your preference and skin tone can make you feel better and enhance sexual attractiveness and confidence.

How to maintain sexy underwear?

1. Use warm water and soft detergent to wash sexy underwear

When we wash the sexy underwear, it is not advisable to use cold/hot water and difficult detergents.Interest underwear should be cleaned in warm water and soft detergent, and rinse with cold water after washing so as to remove residual detergents.

2. Hand washed underwear

If you want to keep underwear for a long time, the best way is to wash hand.Hand washing sex underwear can protect its fiber structure and will not lose elasticity and shape due to machine washing.

in conclusion

Although sexy underwear is very important for a better sex life, they are not available forever.When your sexy underwear has the above problems, it is time to change new sex underwear.Please follow the above prompts, choose appropriate sizes and colors, and correct cleaning methods to ensure that your sexy underwear can also be firmly wrapped in your body as new.

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