Where is the sexy underwear home?

Where is the sexy underwear home?

Interest underwear is a sexy, attractive underwear, which is widely used to add interest and romance between couples.However, the use of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to some details, such as matching, buying and storage.This article will introduce you to how to store sex underwear. It is recommended where your home is hung and how to choose a love lingerie rack to help you better use erotic underwear and add life interest.

1. bedroom wardrobe

An ideal place to store sex underwear is the bedroom wardrobe in the home.Putting sex underwear in the wardrobe is convenient to store, but also protects the beauty and nature of sexy underwear.During storage, different types of sexy underwear can be classified according to the type, color or season, so that you can find it.

Second, bedside table

The bedside cabinet is also a good location for sexy underwear.You can choose a small box or bag to store it, so that you can get it at any time.However, the sexy underwear stored in the bedside table needs to be taken to avoid contact with humidity and direct sunlight.

Three, hanger

It is a hanger used for drying clothes to store sex underwear.If the hanger has delicate satin pads, the texture of the sexy lingerie can not be worn.You can also choose some special erotic lingerie racks to hang up, so as to protect the shape of the underwear and show their beauty and sexy.

Fourth, bathroom hook

Some people like to put sexy underwear in the bathroom hook.This is also possible, but it is necessary to avoid contact with the humid environment to avoid affecting the quality and life of sexy underwear.

Five, the back of the wardrobe door

It is also a good idea to add a hook on the back of the wardrobe.In this way, it can make full use of space, convenient for storage and use of sexy underwear, and can also reduce the crowded inside the wardrobe.

Six, hanging rods in the cabinet

Some families have their own rods in the cabinets. Here, you can also hang sexy underwear.This can conveniently store sexy lingerie, while avoiding folding to form indentation, maintaining a high -quality state.

Seven, a lid storage box

Some erotic underwear is small or rarely worn, and you can choose to storage in a storage box with a lid.However, try not to mix interest underwear and other clothes to maintain their personality and intimacy.

8. Inside the closet door

You can also use the wardrobe door memory to put in fun underwear.I suggest that if you often change your underwear, you can wrap the hanger with breaking cloth to avoid wear and maintain the beauty of underwear.

Nine, display rack

If you pay more attention to the appearance and quality of sexy underwear, you can display these underwear with a beautiful display rack.Not only can you enhance the romantic atmosphere, but you can also show your sexy lingerie collections.

10. DIY hook hanging

If you like DIY, you can also make a special sexy underwear hook hanging.You can use satin, lace and other materials to cover wooden sticks or other hangers, which can not only increase the taste of the family, but also be creative and increase your DIY fun.


In short, it is necessary to keep dry and clean where the sexy lingerie is stored, avoid contact with humidity and direct sunlight, and maintain a good state and aesthetics of sexy underwear.At the same time, it is also important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.With a good way of storage, no matter how good the erotic lingerie is, there will be a longer life.

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