Who is the Chinese model of sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is a unique underwear category, which is sexy, avant -garde, and private.With the progress of the times and the continuous improvement of society, more and more women have begun to accept this underwear slowly, and they look more confident and generous.Among them, Chinese models also play an important role.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear that is usually thin and transparent, cut strange or decorative.Generally, sexy lingerie is usually made to show the characteristics of women’s bodies, settle the temperament of women, enhance emotions, and increase sweetness.The aim of sexy underwear is to break the boring and monotonous style of traditional underwear.

Introduction: Dujuan

Rhododendron is a more famous sexy underwear model in China. She was born in June 1990. She is a beautiful, tall and sexy girl.Because of her outstanding appearance and professional performance skills, she gradually became a well -known figure in the industry.Since 2008, she has been widely circulated on the shows of major brands.

Rhododendron’s sexy underwear brand

The development of azalea in this field is also obvious to all.In the early days of her career, she signed a famous Taiwanese sexy underwear brand "Le Siman" and appeared in the brand’s underwear show many times.

Debut first sexy underwear advertisement

At the end of 2008, Rhododendron filmed her first sexy underwear advertisement. This advertisement was broadcast nationwide. This was a historic moment for the sexy underwear market because I saw sex underwear business on TV at the time.Advertising is still very rare.

Endorsement brand

In 2014, Cuckoo became the spokesperson of "Lilisha", a well -known sexy underwear brand in China.This is a very important opportunity, because the spokesperson can effectively combine the brand’s image with the image of azalea, so that the smart silk can be exposed and recognized.It turns out that this has an important and positive impact on the development of smart silk.

Her performance characteristics

Rhododendron is always very passionate when performing sexy underwear. Although sexy underwear is a very private underwear, she can always convey her emotions and control ability to the audience.Whether on the stage or in front of the camera, her performance is always impressive.

Her expression form

The expression of the cuckoo when performing sexy underwear is very rich. She not only has beautiful dances, but also has rich body language and expressions, showing her professional skills and self -confidence.

Her style characteristics

Rhododendron’s sexy underwear style is also very charming. She can always fully express the sexy and professionalism of sexy underwear, while not losing its own.Her shape is unique. With professional hairstyles and makeup, she always feels refreshing and becoming a classic.

Her values

Rhododendron always maintains professionalism, tradition, noble, and independent when interpreting the sexy underwear, which also reflects her attitude and values of life.She is not only a professional underwear model, but also represents the women’s values of our time.


It can be said that Rhododendron is a representative of Chinese sexy underwear models. She carries very important tasks, not only the fashion trend to lead underwear, but also show us a healthy attitude towards life and positive life values.We also look forward to the appearance of more azaleas, so that the sexy underwear can be spread and recognized wider.

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