Who is the spokesperson for sexy underwear on Taobao?


The sexy underwear on Taobao is a very popular product category, which has attracted countless consumers to buy.However, many people do not know about the spokesperson for sexy underwear and do not know who they are.This article will explore who is the spokesperson for the sexy underwear on Taobao.

Spokesperson for sex underwear

Like other products, sexy underwear also has its own star spokesperson.The purpose of these spokespersons is to attract consumers’ attention and make them better understand and buy sexy underwear.

Star spokesperson

On Taobao, the spokesperson for sex underwear is mainly stars.They have a high reputation and influence, and they have great advantages in advertising.Some celebrities who have dialogue underwear include Li Yuchun, Yang Mi, and Zhou Dongyu.

WeChat spokesperson

In addition to celebrity spokespersons, there are some micro -business spokespersons on Taobao.These spokespersons are often sellers or individuals on Taobao. They promote sexy underwear through their social platforms and customer groups and collect certain commissions.

Form of endorsement

There are diverse forms of endorsement of sexy underwear.Some spokespersons will shoot some advertising short videos, some will make some exquisite posters, and others will publish some text or pictures with product links on their WeChat public account or Weibo.

Effect of endorsement

The spokesperson of sexy underwear played an important role in promoting product sales.These spokespersons let more consumers understand the products through their own unique charm and influence, thereby increasing the popularity and sales of the product.

Choice of spokesperson

Choosing a suitable spokesperson is very important for the sales of sexy underwear.The spokesperson should have sufficient influence and appeal to attract more consumers to buy products.In addition, the image of the spokesperson and the positioning of the product also need to be consistent.

Choose the precautions of the spokesperson

When choosing a spokesperson, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The popularity and influence of the spokesperson;

2. Whether the spokesperson and the product match;

3. Whether the endorsement cost is reasonable.

The relationship between spokespersons and consumers

The spokesperson and consumers are a process of influencing each other.The spokesperson attracted the attention of consumers through their own image and promotional means, and the feedback and feelings of consumers also had an impact on the spokesperson.


The spokesperson for sexy underwear on Taobao is a variety of diverse. They bring more consumers to the products through their influence and promotion methods.When choosing a spokesperson, we should pay attention to the popularity of the spokesperson, the matching of the image and the product, and the rationality of the endorsement cost.

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