Why can sexy underwear be dried?

Interest underwear is a underwear specifically designed to enhance sexual life experience.Although some people are worried that wearing erotic underwear will affect their service life, in fact, sexy underwear can be dried like ordinary underwear.Next, we will introduce the details of this issue.

1. What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a underwear specially designed to enhance the sexual life experience.Their design is usually more sexy, teasing and exciting than ordinary underwear.It can include various types of underwear, such as bra, panties and clothes.

2. Quota underwear materials

Sex underwear is usually made of silk, lace, artificial leather and other special materials.These materials may require special treatment methods.

3. Precautions for wearing sexy underwear

When wearing sexy underwear, you should be cautious and careful.When wearing a sexy underwear, avoid being paired with over -tight pants or unders, otherwise it may cause friction and wear.

4. Can I put the sexy underwear in the dryer?

Although some people think that sexy underwear cannot be dried like ordinary underwear, sexy underwear can be put in a dryer for drying.

5. The effect of drying on sexy underwear

The high temperature and high -speed rotation of the dryer may cause irreversible damage to the sexy underwear, especially for some sexy underwear containing acrylic fibers.If you are not sure if you can put a specific erotic underwear in a dryer, check the label of the underwear or consult a professionals.

6. How to put the sexy underwear in the dryer correctly?

When placing sexy underwear into the dryer, you should choose a low temperature and low speed.In addition, choose a program that can rotate or flip to ensure that the entire underwear can be dry.

7. Can dried kill bacteria?

Drying can kill bacteria because high temperature can kill most microorganisms.However, this does not completely replace the washing fluid and water for washing.

8. What should I avoid?

Please avoid using strong chemicals such as bleach to clean sex underwear, because these substances may cause permanent damage to the material.

9. Pay attention to temperature and time

Be sure to choose a low temperature and low speed drying temperature, and do not grow longer than the recommended time in duration.

10. Summary

Interest underwear can be dry like ordinary underwear.However, please pay attention to choose a low temperature and low speed program to avoid high temperature and long time drying, and do not use harmful chemicals for cleaning.

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