Will you choose to wear sexy underwear?

Introduction: The meaning of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is a clothing wearing in the scene of sex.Different underwear is different, and sexy underwear is usually more sexy or irritating.For some couples with rich sex scenes, properly putting on sexy underwear can not only improve the interesting experience of both parties, but also an attempt to enhance feelings.But for some people, wearing erotic underwear may be a little uncomfortable. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wearing sexy underwear.

The advantages and disadvantages of wearing erotic underwear

There are many advantages and disadvantages to wear sex underwear, and we explain these profits and disadvantages as follows.

The advantages of wearing sex underwear


Wearing sex underwear can improve the situation of the whole person’s sex, make the mood of both sides easier, and reach a higher mood.

Stimulate sensory and visual effects

There are many types of erotic underwear. Some underwear design is obviously bright and sexy, which can stimulate the visual senses. Some underwear is rippling with a soft aroma, which is refreshing and more relaxed.

Increase the fun experience

The process of sex is not just physical contact, but also the diversified dimensions such as the mind and emotional communication. While wearing a sexy underwear, it can also enhance the fun experience and stimulate the novelty of sex.

Show self -confidence and charm

The choice and dressing of sexy underwear can also show personal sexy charm and self -confidence, making yourself better in love life.

The disadvantages of wearing sex underwear

Need to agree with each other

In sexual behavior, wearing sex underwear requires two people to negotiate together to understand each other’s preferences and needs, otherwise it may lead to unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort.

Inconvenient to wear

Compared with ordinary underwear, the style and style of sexy underwear may be more complicated. It takes a long time to wear and adjust, or it needs to use auxiliary tools, which is not suitable for those who have not free time.

Eat quality

Some sexy underwear is more special, and it takes more money to buy, and some underwear is not quality, which is easy to cause skin allergies.

Not suitable for everyone

Not everyone is suitable for wearing sexy underwear. Without understanding the needs of the two parties, simply choosing some styles or colors may lead to a de facto failure.

Precautions when choosing sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you should understand the relevant precautions.

Understand your own interests and preferences

Everyone’s understanding of interests is different. Understanding their own interests is an important foundation for choosing to wear sexy underwear.

Consider the needs of the other party

In the process of sex, the preferences and needs of both sides should be considered in the choice of sex underwear and the design of wearing.

Choose good quality sexy underwear

Choosing a good quality sexy underwear can reduce the stimulation of the body, and it can bring a pleasant experience of sex.

Used under the premise of physical health

Wearing sexy underwear in good health can truly feel the multi -dimensional experience increased for sex.

Will you choose to wear a fun underwear?

After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear, and what you should pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear, are you willing to choose to wear sexy underwear?Whether choosing comfortable and casual underwear or stimulating multi -dimensional sexy underwear, the important point is safety, health, and free choice.

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