2018 new sexy underwear video

2018 new sexy underwear video

2018 new sexy underwear video

1. Sexy lace

Sexy lace sexy underwear has always been a popular style of the market, and this year is no exception.The lace texture of the new sex lingerie is softer and comfortable, making the wearer more confident and sexy.

2. Eye mask accessories

Some new sexy lingerie also adds accessories such as eye masks, adding the atmosphere of interest, suitable for those who want to try new things.

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3. Stabbing rope design

Stabbing rope design is one of the highlights of sex underwear this year.This underwear cleverly blended the rope design into the clothing, which is very visual and impressive.

4. Shoulder strap?

This year’s sexy underwear shoulder strap design has also been innovative, adding more detail elements, such as ribbons, beads or lace.This design makes the shoulder more sexy, and at the same time increases the beauty and quality of the entire underwear.

5. Half cup design

The popularity of half -cups of sexy underwear has continued to rise.This design can not only show the beauty of women, but also effectively improve the traditional cup design, making the underwear more comfortable and suitable for long -term wear.

6. Chain decoration

Chain design has also become a highlight of sexy underwear this year.The chain is cleverly incorporated into the underwear, which adds the texture and fashion of the underwear, which is more sexy.

7. cool summer


For those who like to wear sexy underwear in summer, this year’s new sexy underwear has also added more refrigeration materials, which is more breathable and comfortable, and will not affect the experience due to high temperature.

8. Dew butt design

The sexy underwear of the hip design is very popular.This year’s new sexy underwear has carried forward this design, adding more details, such as lace decoration, pearls, etc., making the underwear look more sexy and elegant.

9. Transparent material

The transparent material is a classic design of sexy underwear. This year’s new sexy underwear is no exception.Compared with the past, this year’s transparent material is softer and comfortable, bringing a better dressing experience to the wearer.

10. Stockings match

For those who want to try more matching, this year’s new sexy underwear can also be matched with different stockings.This combination can not only increase the beauty of the entire shape, but also make underwear more suitable for different occasions.

In general, the design of new sexy underwear this year is more diversified and innovative, so that wearers can show their charm more individual and confidently.