80 sex lingerie logo

80 sex lingerie LOGO: the essence of the design of the underwear brand

In the sexy underwear industry, a good LOGO design can effectively attract consumers’ attention and make the brand more personalized and fashionable.The 1980s was the golden period of development in the sex underwear industry, and the logo design of many classic brands has also become popular.This article will lead readers to explore the design characteristics and background of the 80 sex lingerie logo.

1. Clavin Klein: The elegant design in the minimalist

As a fashion brand, Calvin Klein’s performance in the sex underwear industry should not be underestimated.Its logo design is simple and elegant. It is combined by the letters "C" and "K", highlighting the uniqueness and personalization characteristics of the brand.

Second, Victoria’s Secret: Female visual effects

Victoria’s Secret’s sexy underwear series has always been feminine and sexy as design elements. Its iconic angel wings design is also deeply rooted.Its logo design is also full of feminine visual effects, and a pair of angel wings are cleverly added between the blank spaces between letters, which has a high degree of recognition.

3. La Perla: Exquisite and delicate design style

La Perla’s sexy underwear series focuses on luxury quality, exquisite and delicate.For the design, it also maintains the same style. The two L letters are combined by overlapping or staggered ways to highlight the uniqueness and high style of the brand.

4. DKNY: Simple but atmospheric design style

DKNY is located in the high -end grade of the sex underwear market, and its brand logo design is also full of fashion and atmosphere.Expressing the brand name with simple capital letters, the yellow font has increased visual effects and attracted a large number of young consumers.

5. AUBADE: Unique sign of ideas

AUBADE is a brand that is often ignored, but its sexy lingerie series is deeply connotative and full of design.Its iconic design is to combine the letters "A" and "U" into a woman’s head image, which not only express the sexy charm of the brand, but also highlight the unique ingenuity of the brand design.

6. Chantelle: Simple design, making brand excellence

Chantelle is a brand with simple and generous design and high -quality fabrics.The same is true of its iconic design. The simple letter combination becomes a brand name and adopts a combination of black and gray, which not only increases the brand’s sense of nobleness, but also highlights the brand name.

7. Agent Provocateur: Sexy logo design

Agent Provocateur is a sexy, stimulus -based sexy underwear brand.Its sign design is also full of sexy charm. It uses the abbreviation of the Italian "AP", and uses the "heart type" as the iconic design of the brand to meet the aesthetic needs of all sexy enthusiasts.

8. Hanky Panky: Fun design style

Hanky Panky is a interesting brand, as well as its logo design. It uses a yellow hand "Panky" design, which is very vivid and interesting.At the same time, the brand name is also very loud, making people remember it all at once.

in conclusion:

The LOGO design of sexy underwear brands is very important, and good design can make the brand more personalized and brand connotation.From the brand introduced above, it can be seen that the sexy underwear brand uses simple, feminine, luxury and other elements in LOGO design.This shows that the brand needs to accurately convey the connotation of the brand in the logo design and resonate with consumers.

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