AV film wearing sexy underwear

AV film wearing sexy underwear

The performance of sexy underwear in AV

In AV (adult film), sexy underwear has become a very common element.It can not only add color to the plot, but also make the actress more sexy in front of the camera.So, how does these underwear perform in AV films in sexy underwear?This article will discuss this issue from several aspects.


Whether it is lace, stockings or hollow design, the sexy degree of sexy underwear can be said to be quite high.In AV, actresses usually wear a variety of sexy underwear, which shows a very teasing posture.Some underwear can even make people climax quickly.

Adapt to special scenes

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In some AV films, actresses need to play some special roles, such as maids and nurses.Many sexy underwear also provides very good raw materials for the role of these characters.For example, some small props are added to some underwear, such as necklines, tablecloths, etc. These elements can enhance the real sense of the scene.

Show the body advantage

Sex underwear often has naked design, such as off -shoulders, waist, back, etc. These elements can make the figure of the actress more prominent.At the same time, some underwear will also add some pads to make women’s chests more plump and upright, and the waist is more curvatus.

Personal characteristics

The types of sexy underwear are very rich, and different styles can also reflect the different personalities of actresses.For example, mature women usually choose to tighten their waist clothes, which can better show their charm.Women with lively personality will choose bright and more colorful underwear.

Assist the plot advance

In some AV films, sexy underwear will also be used as a means of plot advancement.For example, the actress found that her sexy underwear was stolen, so she followed the storyline to find underwear.In this process, sexy underwear is not only a tool for plot development, but also can bring more visual enjoyment to the audience.

Strengthen sex scenes

Interest underwear often plays a enhanced role in sex scenes.Actress wearing a sexy underwear to receive the fierce attack of male actors, underwear continued to fall off, and the close cooperation between gender seemed to be more exciting.Therefore, the use of sexy underwear in the sex scene has also become a commonly used method.


Bring a visual impact

The design of many erotic underwear is very wonderful, such as small props such as eye masks and handcuffs in some underwear. These can bring a very strong visual impact to the audience, and also add a lot of color to AV films.

Echo aesthetics

There are many types of sexy underwear, and the applicable aesthetic views are different.In some AV films, sexy underwear will also echo the audience’s aesthetic views. For example, the color and style of some underwear are closer to the aesthetic views of European and American audiences.

Become collectibles

The design of some sexy underwear is very unique and beautiful, and can even become collectibles.In particular, some limited edition underwear, such as cooperating with an actress, will be rushed by collectors.


In general, in AV films wearing sexy underwear, the role of sexy underwear is very important.It can not only add points to the sexy level of actresses, but also strengthen scenes, cooperate with the plot, bring visual impact, echo the audience’s aesthetic views, and so on.Therefore, the use of sexy underwear in AV production is also valued by more and more producers.