Daily husband and wife sexy underwear trial

Daily husband and wife sexy underwear trial

Choose the importance of sexy underwear

Husband and wife’s sexy underwear is a weapon to increase interest and adjust life between men and women.A good sexy underwear can make the boredom in daily life more interesting.However, like other clothes, choosing a suitable, comfortable, and beautiful sexy underwear need to pay attention to many details.

Selection of fabrics

Fabric is one of the key factors affecting the quality of sexy underwear.A high -quality erotic underwear should be a soft, comfortable and beautiful thing.Common fabrics include lace, silk, cotton, net cloth, etc.When selecting the fabric, you must pay attention to the natural and comfort of the material, but also pay attention to the friction between the skin.

Style choice

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Style is another key factor in choosing sexy underwear, good -looking, comfortable to wear, and at the same time that it is in line with their own aesthetics, which is pursued by everyone.Everyone’s body and aesthetics are different, so choose a style that suits them, don’t chase popular.

Size choice

No matter how beautiful the sexy underwear, there is no correct size or not.So while choosing sexy underwear, you must pay attention to your size.The correct size can make sexy lingerie comfortable and show your beauty.

Color choice

Color is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Red is the color of sexy and love. Black is a mysterious and sexy color, and white is the color of innocence.Therefore, you can choose the color of the sexy underwear according to the preferences of your and your partner.


For most husbands and wives, choosing sexy underwear cannot exist alone in a single product, and it is also an art with its own clothing.Proper matching can bring more beauty and sexy to sex underwear wearers.For example, you can be equipped with a lace stocking, or a pair of high heels.

The importance of trial

A sexy underwear requires us to buy it to try to know its advantages and disadvantages.You can also find and find your favorite style during the trial process.You can also adapt our own body by adjusting the tightness of the shoulder strap, the size of the chest pad, and the appropriateness of the size.


Pay attention to the details of different materials

When wearing sexy underwear, different fabrics need to pay different attention in some aspects.For example, silk underwear needs to be washed by hand to avoid machine washing damaged fabrics and skeletons.Lace underwear needs to pay attention to the details of the collarbone and the fit with the body.

Sending colors of sexy underwear with different materials

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to consider the occasions of wearing.Some light lingerie is suitable for sports to wear in summer, such as swimsuits, lace bands to reveal underwear on the back, and so on.Silk products are suitable for wearing in formal occasions. The lingerie materials and clothing materials are not matched, which is an important factor affecting the quality of the temperament.

Price choice

Regardless of what model and style of sexy underwear, the price is also an important issue we are paying attention to.Some expensive erotic underwear may bring a higher quality experience to the wearers, but sometimes we also need to consider the problems between spending and evaluation.In short, we should choose the most suitable price range according to actual needs and capabilities.


In the process of choosing sexy underwear, different people will have different needs and concerns.But in any case, we need to comprehensively consider the size, fabric, style, matching, price and other factors to find the most suitable sex underwear that suits us, and create a stylish styling through our own wear and matching.