Dreaming of wearing a woman’s sexy underwear

The strange dream at night

Lying on the bed at night, dreaming of a woman’s sexy underwear, a black lace dress, a transparent lace decoration on the chest and waist, and some fake diamond jewelry on it.This dream is very strange and makes me feel very troublesome.I started meditation and tried to find the meaning behind this dream.

Significance of sexy underwear

My major is sexy underwear. I know that this underwear has many meanings of gender and gender identity.In this dream, I may express my exploration of gender and gender fantasy.

Explore self -identity

During the dream, I wore a woman’s sexy underwear because I was exploring my self -identity and wanted to better understand the transgender people.This dream shows that I want to better understand and accept my gender identity with others.

The possibility of self -examination

It may also be my self -examination.Wearing this underwear has more attention to my body, expressing that I may need to have more self -esteem and self -love.

From the perspective of the body, the problem

As the sexy underwear represents, the dream expresses the attention of the body.Let me pay more attention to my body and discover the beauty of them, rather than just the defects and problems.

Dream nature

This dream may be caused by excessive emotions and pressure.This is a moment when you need self -care and mental health. By realizing your dreams and exploring his meaning, I can understand my inner needs.

Gender and social pressure

In real life, the sexy underwear that is different from the gender recognized by society is considered to be rebellious.In a dream, this may be a safe place that allows me to escape the pressure and expectations of society.

Exploration of gender characters

Putting on a woman’s sexy underwear may also be experienced in exploring the character.I explore the role I played in this world and expect to understand the meaning of gender characters more deeply.

Positive emotions of dreamland

Dreams do not necessarily always represent negative emotions or negative ideas.It can also be a positive and positive dream, bringing me the enthusiasm of self -acceptance and exploring new things.


The types and significance of sexy underwear are diverse, but what is represented by dreams may be our exploration of ourselves and body.In order to better understand our hearts, we need to realize the meaning of dreams and learn and grow from it.

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