Fun underwear sex story

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In sexual life, role -playing is a very popular way.And sexy underwear allows you to play a better role and make your sex life more interesting.Below, I will share some sexual intercourse stories to let you understand the different types and uses of love underwear.

1. The King of Temptation -Category of Sex Underwear

Sex underwear can be divided into multiple different types.This includes different materials such as lace, mesh, silk, leather and metal.Each underwear has its own advantages.In addition to the material, sexy underwear can also be classified according to the style, such as open crotch pants, thongs, tapes, tapes, etc.

2. Honeymoon travel -how to use sex underwear

You can use sexy underwear to slowly guide your partner, or surprise a sex game.The best time to use sex underwear is before sex.That is the time when you can use sexy underwear to create expectations, increase stimuli and pleasure.It can also be used as a honeymoon trip to make your sex more interesting.

3. White temptation -the color of sexy underwear

The color of sexy underwear is also very important.It is generally believed that white is one of the most sexy colors in sex.This color makes you feel sober, clever and frank, and cause your desire.At the same time, other colors such as black, red, purple, etc. can also be used for different occasions.

4. Net yarn feelings -net yarn sex underwear use

Net yarn sex underwear is famous for its gentle and transparent feeling.This underwear can be used for candlelight dinner and romantic nights.It allows your body to get good breathing and air circulation.It can also be worn inside when you put on your clothes, bringing some stimuli and fun to daily life.

5. Worship of characters -the use of character playing sexy underwear

If you want to make your sex life more interesting, it is very important to play sexy underwear.It allows you to realize your fantasies in sex, raise your desire, and enhance your sexual expression.For example, you can play the role of nurse, stewardess, police, etc. to make your sex life more exciting.

6. Delayed —— Grasp the chastity pants of time

Various vibration, expansion and closed devices of chastity pants make your experience more exciting and increase your sexual ability and sexual satisfaction.Moreover, it can help you prolong the length of sexual life and increase your sexual impulse and pleasure.

7. Love of metal -how to use metal sexy underwear

Metal sex lingerie is a unique sexy underwear. This underwear is made of stainless steel or other metal materials.It can make your feelings stronger and far -reaching, increase your taste, and make your sex life more interesting.

8. Rogue Girl -The use of tinned pants for sexy underwear

Through pants are the most teasing sexy underwear. It allows your partner to see your sexual organs and excite them.In addition, using thongs can also help you get rid of embarrassment and guilt, and improve your performance and expression.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear is an excellent sexual life tool, which can not only increase your sexual pleasure and expression, but also make your sex life more interesting.Of course, we must pay attention to safety and hygiene issues when using sexy underwear.I hope everyone can enjoy the fun of sexy underwear under health and pleasant situations!

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