How to throw sex underwear

Choose the right way to throw away the sexy lingerie

Interest underwear is a very private item, so if you want to throw them away, you need to be extra careful and cautious.Before deciding how to deal with these items, several points need to pay attention to.

Understand the risk of throwing off the sexy underwear

Before throwing away sexy underwear, you need to realize that these items can cause some health risks.They may have bacteria and viruses, and they may be infectious or indirectly infectious diseases by direct contact or indirect contact.Therefore, the best suggestion is not to throw away sex underwear without sufficient protection.

Choose the right way of disposal

When you throw away sexy underwear, the most important thing is to choose a correct handling method.Here are some ways to choose from:

Throw it to the trash can

After the parcel, throw it into the trash can

Find a professional incinerator

Find the medical waste disposal center

Ready to clean up

Then you need to prepare for cleaning the sexy underwear to avoid infected with germs.The cleaning method can use gloves, hot water and soap or disinfection spray.Remember to clean the cleaning tool to use it again.

Packaging sex underwear to avoid sensitive issues

Packaging items are very important to protect privacy.Use wrapping paper or small plastic bags to pack upset underwear to ensure that they cannot be seen or smelled.This prevents others from accidentally seeing sexy underwear when dealing with garbage.

Don’t throw it in the public trash bin casually

When you throw your sexy underwear, do not throw it into the public trash, because this will cause leakage of privacy.It is best to treat them into biological waste and put them into the innermost of the public trash bin to avoid leakage.

Understand the regulations you are located

Before throwing away the erotic underwear, it is recommended to understand the regulations and regulations you live in order to understand the best way of disposal and avoid unnecessary trouble.

Never donate or give sexy underwear to others

This is not desirable.Even if the sexy underwear looks good, it cannot be used again.This constitutes a lot of risks for the health of you and others, because germs and other harmful substances will be stored on items for a long time.

conclusion and suggestion

In summary, throwing away erotic underwear is not a very simple matter.To protect yourself and others, you need to deal with it carefully.It is very important to choose the correct way to throw away the sexy underwear, and you must not handle these items casually.More importantly, understand the regulations and regulations of the location, and follow its guidance.

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