Master’s thesis research sexy underwear

Sexual Emotional Lingerie: Growth of market demand

Since the 1970s, the market demand for sexy underwear has grown in index.In recent years, with the rise of social media, sexy underwear brands can be easier to interact with consumers, customize products and benefit from consumer feedback.And more and more consumers are seeking sexy and comfortable balance, so the sex lingerie market is a huge and growing market.

The development of sexy underwear style diversity

The diversity and maturity of sexy lingerie styles are also one of the reasons for the continuous growth of this market.The romantic lingerie that once stayed in the gentle flower decoration has now evolved into unprecedented colors and styles.Today, sexy lingerie styles include pure black DITA VON Teese One-Piece, Bordelle Cup-style underwear, and crystal shiny short-sleeved T-shirts with crystal shiny NEVAEH Intimates.Find what you like.

Interesting underwear design: more innovative

The innovation of sexy underwear design has also promoted the growth of the market. Now there are many sexy underwear brands being innovative and redefining underwear.For example, the Coco de Mer’s underwear series combines modern and classical elements. Marilyn Monroe, as the representative of the classic fashion, has launched the perfect proportion of the sensation in the erotic underwear market and the courage of fearless boldness in the sexy underwear market.Innovation.

Sexual Emotional Lingerie: Balance of Aesthetics and Practicality

Interesting underwear in the market not only has aesthetic value, but also considers its practicality.Some brands have been committed to providing comfortable, complex and practical underwear.For example, Stella McCartney’s underwear series, it is both beautiful and comfortable when designing, and some styles can also provide a certain degree of support.

Selection of erotic underwear materials

The material of sexy underwear is one of the contents of consumers’ attention, because the selection of materials can have a significant impact on comfort and appearance.Common materials include silk, lace, wool and Mozan.In addition, many brands have begun to use environmentally friendly materials to make underwear, such as plastic bottle regenerative fiber, etc. The rise of this trend reflects the value of consumers pay more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

How does sex underwear break the stereotypes of solidification for a long time?

Traditionally, sexy underwear is regarded as a patent of women by most people, but now the sexy underwear market has undergone tremendous changes. Men have also begun to buy solid -colored or striped cotton underwear. These underwear can be provided in terms of visual and touch.Certain stimulus.In addition, some brands also provide some sexy underwear for male consumers, such as Maison Close, and in general, in fact, sexy underwear is more open to this gender.

The effect of sexy underwear on sex health

Interest underwear is not only more and more recognized in the effect of jewelry, but also cannot ignore the impact of sexual health.For example, most women try to wear bad underwear, and the quality of sexy underwear can effectively improve the level of physical examination and sexual health, and can appropriately increase women’s self -confidence and satisfaction.

Interaction between sexy underwear and physical aesthetics

Interest underwear should be able to interact with body aesthetics, that is, wearing "comfortable" underwear not only helps improve the mood, but also greatly improves the overall physical happiness.Various brands have been committed to making more physical underwear, but they will not sacrifice beauty.Just like the clothing wearing in daily life, the design of sexy underwear can also improve women’s self -esteem and feminine beauty.

Future Outlook: How much space is there in the sex underwear market?

With the continuous development of social media and e -commerce, there are still many potential to be tapped in the sexy underwear market.As consumers pay more attention to comfort and personalization, brands can meet consumer needs through user customization and public planning, and find new development directions in innovation.In general, the future of the sex underwear market is full of uncertainty, but we can prefer to expect that this market will achieve greater success in the future.


To sum up the above discussion, the sex underwear market is no longer a few romantic and fancy standard models.The brand can now freely launch a more personalized and sexy brand, and at the same time, it will not sacrifice comfort and practicality.From market demand, design, material selection to the impact on physical health, the sexy underwear market seems to be becoming more and more mature, and it can meet the needs of different consumers.The future of the market is still uncertain, but for a good enough priority brand, the chance of success will exist forever.

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