My husband’s psychology for buying fun underwear

First layer: Psychological reasons for the first attempt

As a sexy underwear expert, I often hear female customers and say, "My husband bought me sexy underwear, but I don’t know why he bought this kind of clothes." So why do men buy their girlfriends or wives for their girlfriends or wives.What about sexy underwear?

The second layer: reasons for strengthening sexual stimuli

One of the biggest reasons for men to buy sex underwear is to want to enhance sexual stimuli.Interest underwear can make women more sexy and attractive in visual and touch, which can also increase men’s sexual fantasies and stimuli.

The third layer: the reason for increasing self -confidence for girlfriend or wife

Men will also buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends or wives because they want to increase their confidence.When women wear sexy sexy underwear, they are likely to feel more confident and charming.In fact, sexy underwear often makes couples who have been with each other for a long time feel fresh and excited.

Fourth layer: find a better cause of sex experience

In another case, men choose to buy sexy lingerie because they want to find a better sex experience.When the relationship between husband and wife enters a certain stage, a bland sexual life may be bored.Men can find a new sex experience by buying a sexy underwear, which can keep sexual life fresh and interesting.

Fifth layer: the reason for satisfying sexual fantasies

Men will also buy sexy underwear for the purpose of satisfying their sexual fantasies.Sex underwear can help men realize their sexual fantasies, such as playing role -playing.

The sixth layer: the reason why I want to know the body of my girlfriend or wife

There is also a possibility that men buying sexy underwear wants to understand the body of his girlfriend or wife in depth.The material and manufacturing process of sexy underwear help men understand women’s bodies so that they can better meet their needs.

Seventh layer: the reason why you want to take care of your girlfriend or wife

Men will also choose to buy sexy underwear because they want to take care of their girlfriends or wives.Interest underwear can make women feel care and care, thereby enhancing their feelings.

The eighth layer: hope to strengthen the communication between husband and wife

In another case, men will buy sexy underwear because they want the communication between husband and wife to be more open.By buying sexy lingerie, men can pass a silent signal to women to show that they want to test new sexual lifestyles, thereby strengthening communication and understanding between husband and wife.


There are many reasons for men to choose to buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends or wives.In general, they want to enhance sexual stimuli, increase women’s confidence, find better sexual experience, satisfy sexual fantasy, understand women’s bodies, take care of women, and strengthen communication between husband and wife.Regardless of the reason for men, it is important to respect the wishes of women and their freedom and rights.

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