Quota Taobao shop cost


With the increasing popularity of sex culture, sexy underwear has gradually become one of the popular products on women’s shopping lists, providing consumers with many choices.In China, Taobao, as one of the largest e -commerce platforms, also has a lot of sexy underwear shops.However, how much is the cost of sexy lingerie Taobao stores?Let’s explore it together.

Supply cost

Source cost is one of the biggest costs of sexy underwear Taobao stores.Some merchants choose to purchase imported sexy underwear from abroad, which involves high transportation costs and customs tariffs, so the cost will be relatively high; while others choose to procurement from the domestic wholesale market, and the procurement cost is relatively low.

Labor costs

Interesting lingerie Taobao stores require employees to handle orders, management inventory, responding to buyers’ questions, etc. These will increase costs.In addition to salary, training and professional knowledge are also required to better serve customers.

Network promotion cost

Taobao merchants need to promote their products in various ways to attract more consumers.This includes spending a lot of time and money for search engine optimization (SEO), social media publicity and payment of advertising costs, etc. These costs are costly.

Logistics costs

Taobao merchants need to mail the product to consumers, which requires paid postage and packaging fees.For shops with large sales volume, logistics costs will also be a problem that cannot be ignored.

Platform commission cost

The Taobao platform will provide consumer flow, but it will also charge commissions as returns.Taobao commissions are generally a certain percentage of the transaction amount. This is another cost factor that Taobao merchants need to consider.

After -sales service cost

Sex underwear is a very personal item, which is prone to problems such as inappropriate size or quality problems, which will be related to after -sales service.Merchants need to consider how to deal with issues such as returns, refund and replacement, which will increase additional costs.

Maintenance cost

The sex underwear store needs to maintain and update the website regularly to maintain the gap with competitors.In addition to website maintenance, it is also necessary to consider adding problems such as new products and updating website content, which requires the cost.

Environmental cost

With the improvement of environmental awareness, consumers are more and more concerned about the environmental protection behavior of merchants.Therefore, the Taobao shop of sexy underwear not only needs to consider the environmental protection of product materials, but also needs to consider how to achieve the green environmental protection of packaging and logistics.


In summary, the cost of sexy lingerie Taobao shop is jointly determined by multiple factors.Although the impact of each factor may vary from the scale and strategy of merchants, these factors need to consider Taobao merchants carefully.Therefore, when shopping on Taobao, consumers should also pay attention to the cost pressure of sexy underwear merchants, consume rationally, and maintain reasonable expectations and appreciation.

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