Real person wearing open stalls sexy underwear

Introduction to Fairy underwear in Fairy underwear

Open the sexy lingerie, as the name suggests, is to open a small hole in the crotch to facilitate sexual life.This underwear style involves many aspects, such as materials, styles, size, and so on.Wearing comfortable, high -quality materials, diverse styles, colorful, and loved by female friends.

Category of opening sexy underwear

Depending on different design styles, the opening and sexy underwear can be divided into multiple categories.Among them, the most common include G strings, off -the -shoulder skirts, open vests, and so on.Most of these underwear styles are made of soft materials such as lace, silk and elastic fibers, which are very comfortable to wear.

The material of the sexy underwear

The material of the sexy underwear is very important, which is not only directly related to the comfort of the underwear, but also affects performance.To this end, the manufacturer has already realized this and chose a variety of different materials, such as silk, lace, polyurethane and cotton.Each material has its own characteristics, so consumers can choose the right style and material according to personal needs and preferences.

Supermarket sales of sexy underwear

At present, the opening and fun underwear has become one of the popular products sold in supermarkets.When choosing underwear, many female friends will go to the supermarket to buy the style and size suitable for them.In addition, many foreign trade platforms have also started selling such products, including Taobao, Amazon, etc.

The size of the sexy underwear

Choosing the appropriate size opening sexy underwear is very important for the comfort in sexual life.Therefore, you must ensure your own size when buying to avoid discomfort.When buying, you must pay special attention to avoid inappropriate sizes.

Open -gear sex underwear accessories

In some important occasions, many female friends will wear the opening of sexy underwear and accessories together.Accessories are also one aspects that need to be paid attention to when choosing underwear.Common accessories include glasses, bracelets, necklaces, etc., making the entire image better.

Cleaning of sexy underwear

Because underwear is directly exposed to the skin, cleaning is very important.When cleaning, choose a cleaning agent suitable for underwear materials, and gently wash or machine washing.It is best not to use hot water to avoid affecting the elasticity of the material.

Open stall sex underwear wearing occasions

Open sexy underwear is suitable for dance, birthday dinner, wedding celebration, Valentine’s Day, romantic travel and other special occasions.On these occasions, wearing a sexy underwear can add more sexy and sexual interests, making the whole atmosphere more romantic and quite emotional.

Suggestions for the choice of sexy underwear

When choosing to open the stall sex underwear, you should first consider the problem of comfort and style coordination, and choose the size suitable for your body.In addition, consumers can choose different materials according to their preferences and needs.Finally, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.

in conclusion

In short, the most important thing for opening the stall sex underwear is the style and comfort that suits you.When choosing, consumers should choose according to their own situation and needs, not only pay attention to comfort, but also pay attention to accessories and cleaning maintenance problems.Only by treating these aspects correctly can we wear sexy and charm.

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