Self -made erotic underwear girl

Self -made erotic underwear girl

Background introduction

Interest underwear is a special underwear that can enhance sexual interest between couples.However, buying sexy underwear may cost higher.Well, as a homemade master, self -controly underwear may be a saving and creative choice.

materials needed

When making self -made underwear, we need the following materials:

Elastic lace fabric

Spotted Mesh Teddy Bodysuit – 1507

Steel buckle or hook ring

Fine rope or twist rope

Ribbon or lace lace

Sewing machine and needle line

Optional: sequins, beads or other decorative materials

Production step

First of all, you must cut lace fabric into a specified shape according to your size and needs. You can refer to the existing underwear style as a template, but pay attention to remove the unwanted parts and streamlined styles.

Next, fix the tailored fabrics with a sewing machine, and then use a thin rope or twist rope to enhance the edges to increase the stability and aesthetics.

In order to facilitate penetration, it is necessary to add auxiliary buckle such as buckle or steel buckle to sew it on the back.

Sexy Costumes

Add supporting devices to the chest and back. You can use materials such as ribbon or lace ribbon to sew the structure on the fabric to easily adjust the size and tightness of the lace underwear.

Finally, if you want to be more gorgeous and special, you can decorate the cute sequins, beads and other decorative materials on the fabric.

Design Ideas

Self -made erotic underwear not only save us money, but also use our design creativity to make lace underwear into the best style that we like.For example, we can design a variety of patterns and colors, choose different fabrics and supporting facilities, make the fun underwear different, and bring more fun to ourselves and partners.


Although the process of self -made sex underwear is relatively simple, there is no professional underwear production technology, and some omissions and quality problems are prone to occur.Therefore, when sewing sex underwear, you should pay attention to the following points:

Choose the right fabric and accessories to ensure a sense of dressing and aesthetics.

When folding, suture, tailoring, and design, careful patience to avoid errors during the production process.

According to your own needs and size, design lace underwear style, and ensure that underwear can be perfectly fitted.


The use of self -made erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

First, keep the underwear clean and hygiene to avoid adverse reactions such as infection or allergies.

In terms of dressing, pay attention to comfort and safety to avoid adverse effects such as excessive wear of underwear, tightening the skin, and affecting blood circulation.

When storing, place it in a dry, ventilated, and dust -proof place to prevent the fabric of lace from deforming or fade.


Although self -made erotic underwear requires certain production techniques and patience, it can save us money and creative, and enjoy the joy of production and use at the same time.In addition, it can better appreciate the mysteries and charm of underwear, which seemingly ordinary, but but also unreachable with sex and beauty.