Sex lingerie couple stimulus uniform temptation

Sex lingerie couple stimulus uniform temptation

Sexy underwear-husband and wife stimulus uniform temptation

Guizi-the concept and significance of sexy underwear

The concept of sexy underwear: It contains the close clothes and accessories of various styles, colors and materials, and aims to add and irritate the atmosphere and fun of sexual life.

The significance of sexy underwear: It not only meets the sexual life needs between husband and wife, but also full of fun and fun.And uniform temptation is the most important form.

The first part-why does uniform underwear be importance to the life of husband and wife?

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Uniform underwear is a dramatic clothing. Putting it on it, you can quickly enter a role and become confident and vibrant, which benefit many husbands and wives.

At the same time, sexy underwear in uniforms can also increase the thrill of role -playing between husband and wife, helping people release some desires in their hearts.

Part 2-Three elements of uniform underwear

-Su special clothing material

-The specific design of sexy

-On unique clothing style

Part III-The types and styles of uniform underwear


-Gu nurse uniform


-Funning swimsuit

-Funning skirt

-Firefighters uniform

Part IV-Uniforms of Underwear Skills Selecting Skills

When buying uniform underwear, pay attention to the choice of size, because if the size is not right, then the desired effect cannot be achieved.

Generally speaking, uniform underwear will be relatively close, and more emphasizes the curve of the body. This requires choosing a size smaller than usual.

Part 5-Maintenance and cleaning of uniform underwear

Keeping and cleaning your sexy underwear is crucial for protecting your investment and maintaining its service life.

Of course, bright colors, strange materials and special styles are also important features of uniform underwear. Pay attention to maintenance.

Part 6-Marketing and Consumption Trends of Uniforms underwear

With the increasing demand for sex and fun, and the rapid development of the Internet, sexy underwear has become an emerging market.

According to statistics, the sex underwear market has a good growth rate every year, and it will continue to grow in the future.

Part 7-Skills of Uniform Underwear

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear usually needs to consider the following questions:

-Color and style

-Materials and fabrics

-Size and comfort

Part 8-Routines and skills of uniform underwear

Stimulating and comfortable erotic underwear is a necessary condition to build a romantic and passionate sex life.Here, we will give you some skills to choose and wear sexy underwear.


In modern society, many couples are difficult to find energy and timing because of work pressure and life pressure to stimulate each other’s emotions.And the temptation of sexy underwear and uniforms to help people get out of life, enter a whimsical world, and make the relationship between husband and wife more firm and better.