Sex underwear reconstruction novel collection reading

Sex underwear reconstruction novel collection reading

1 Introduction

Sex underwear is an important part of modern culture. It not only gives women more sexy and confident, but also reflects people’s pursuit of sex and beauty.In modern literature, sexy underwear, as an important subject, has also been widely used in novels, making the plot in the novel richer and vivid.Today, I will take stock of some stories about sexy underwear in some transformation novels, and feel the mystery and temptation of sexy underwear with you.

2. "Info Underwear Shop"

"Instead of Inskirts" is a novel of Mo Yan. It tells the story of a little girl working in the sexy underwear shop in a small town to find her own meaning of life.In the novel, the fun underwear shop in the author’s pen is a unique shop. The underwear is rich in underwear and unique styles, making readers feel the mystery and attractiveness of sexy underwear during the reading process.

3. "Interesting Lingerie"

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"Interesting Lingerie" is a novel by Tang Jun, which mainly tells the growth story of a young girl, which involves many details about sexy underwear.In the novel, the heroine gradually grows into a confident and charming woman by constantly changing her sexy underwear.This also shows that sexy underwear can not be ignored for women’s sexy and charm.

4. "Fun underwear Girl"

"Fun underwear Girl" is a comic novel, telling the story of a girl doing part -time job in a sexy underwear shop.In the novel, the author carefully describes the intimate relationship between the heroine and the sexy underwear, so that readers can fully feel the charm and mystery of sexy underwear more fully.

5. "Black Sex Fun Underwear"

"Black Sexy underwear" is a novel in the early morning, which mainly tells a love story about black sexy underwear.In the novel, the black sexy underwear is given a mysterious and mysterious color. It is not only a bond between the relationship between the male and female protagonists, but also makes readers feel the temptation and charm of black color sexy underwear.


"Sex Feelings" is a novel by Zhong Xiaomu, which mainly tells a woman’s pursuit of sexy underwear.In the novel, the heroine not only needs to buy sexy underwear suitable for their own in the underwear shop, but also continuously designed and produces underwear to achieve a better -looking and sexy effect.The author’s detailed description of sexy underwear has made readers feel the important position of sexy underwear in women’s hearts.

7. "Interesting Underwear Show"

"Instead of Inspection" is an American film, which tells a series of activities conducted by a group of models to sell sexy underwear.In the movie, the variety of sexy underwear is rich and colorful, not only various colors, styles, but also rich accessories, making the design and production of sexy underwear more tedious and complicated.And these details allow readers to better understand the sexy and charm of sexy underwear.


8. "Interests of Underwear"

"Interesting Underwear" is a mobile game selling sexy underwear, allowing players to buy, design and show their favorite sexy underwear in the game.In the game, there are various scenes and atmospheres, such as pool parties and nightclubs, so that players can also deepen the design and use of love underwear while enjoying the game.

9. "Fun underwear Fashion"

"Fun underwear Fashion" is a fashion magazine with the theme of sexy underwear, which aims to introduce the latest styles and popular trends of sexy underwear to readers.In the magazine, there are relatively distinctive themes, such as sexy, perspective, lace, lace, etc., so that readers can more comprehensively solve the design and fabrics of affectionate underwear.

10. "Fun underwear production tutorial"

"Fun Lingerie Production Tutorial" is a tutorial book about sexy underwear production, which aims to introduce the knowledge of the design, production and accessories of sexy underwear to readers.In the book, the author explains the details and points of sexy underwear in detail, so that readers can further solve the process and skills of the love lingerie.

All in all, in modern literature, sexy underwear, as a unique theme, is widely used in different types of works such as novels, magazines, comics.It is not only an important part of women’s beauty, but also reflects people’s pursuit of sex and beauty.Therefore, learning the knowledge and skills of sexy underwear is very necessary for any woman.