Sex underwear shop name

Sex underwear shop name

Introduce sexy underwear shop name

Interest underwear is a clothing that combines sexy and artistic perfectly, and its demand in the market is very large.Due to the increase in market demand, the number of sexy underwear stores has also increased, and how to choose a suitable store has become a key issue.Here are several well -known shops.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s largest sexy underwear brands. With its beautiful design and high -end fabrics, it has won the love of women.Its brand image is very attractive. From the decoration of the store to the service, consumers can feel the value of the brand.The types of goods are also very rich, and everything from lace and hand -embroidered to various prints.

Fredrick’s of Hollywood

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Fredrick’s of Hollywood was founded in 1946. It is a historic sexy underwear shop.Its classic black and red series styles are unforgettable.Fredrick’s of Hollywood’s sexy underwear is suitable for young consumers.There are also sexy underwear in other styles, but there are relatively few types.

La Perla

La Perla from Italy is a long -established and very high -end sexy lingerie brand.Its design is unique, and the fabric is made of high -end silk, lace and other materials.Focus on creating superb handmade products for customers, and the quality is very good.The price is high, suitable for high -end consumers.

Honey Birdette

The Honey Birdette brand from Australia has attracted the attention of many young women with its avant -garde design style and rich colors.Its underwear is diverse and unique in style, which is very suitable for young people who are looking for personality and creativity.The medium price allows consumers to maintain diversification without losing quality.

Savage x feenty

Savage X FENTY, a popular lingerie brand from pop singer Rihanna, is a new brand, unlike traditional sexy lingerie styles.It aims to break the tradition, further think, and explore the root cause of cleverness and personalization, and display the front beauty with more comfortable fabrics and more implicit styles.The price is medium, which is very suitable for young people who like novel brands.


The Bluebella brand from the UK has many innovative design concepts and fabric materials. It emphasizes women’s confidence and creates its own brand value with fashionable styles and marketing activities.Medium price is a very good choice for consumers seeking fashion and creativity.

Plus Tops

Agent Provocateur

The British brand Agent Provocateur is famous for its beautiful design and exquisite details.Agent Provocateur has a variety of sexy lingerie styles. From those magnificent sets to those simple and sexy lace underwear, it is exquisite.The price is high, and you need fashionable and high -quality young consumers to appreciate.


PrettyLit itlything is a British fashion brand. It mainly sells women’s clothing and accessories, and also has sexy lingerie styles.Its style is novel and price -friendly, suitable for young consumers who like to try new styles.Compared with other brands, PrettyLit itlything is also very unique, which can meet the needs of young people who seek novel experiences.

Agent jena

Agent Jena is a Korean erotic underwear brand, which has a high popularity in the Korean underwear market.Its style is exquisite and unique.The unique point is that many styles have the effect of age -reducing, which is very popular.Medium in price, suitable for women who seek novel and sexy experience.


Boohoo is a British fashion brand. The brand positioning and customer base of their sexy lingerie are similar to PrettyLit itlyth.Unlike other brands, Boohoo launched a series of sexy underwear for large -size women, bringing more choices and comfort to those large customers, which is very valuable.

in conclusion

In general, in the selection of sexy underwear shops, we should choose a brand that suits our taste and financial resources. At the same time, we also need to understand the size and fabrics of the underwear to ensure the purchase of the right style.It is important to choose the right sexy underwear because it is part of shaping its own image.