Sexual underwear divided into size

Sexual underwear divided into size

1. Why divide the size?

The size of the sex underwear is mainly because everyone’s body size and proportion are different.If it is not tailor -made according to the size, it may cause uncomfortable, unsightly, and even damage to your health.Therefore, the size of the size becomes the standard of the sex underwear industry.

2. Women’s erotic underwear size classification

Women’s sexy underwear size classifications usually include S, M, L, XL, etc.The standards of different brands may be different, but there are generally corresponding size tables to refer to.

3. How to measure the size?

When buying sexy underwear, you need to measure your body size first.The conventional size measurement includes bust, lower bust, waist, hips, etc.Different brands may be different. Pay attention to choosing a size that is consistent with your body size.

4. What are the figures of S, M, and L suitable for?

The S No. S is usually suitable for women with less than 75cm bust below 75cm, lower bust below 65cm, waist circumference 60cm, and hip 85cm below 85cm; M number Merrakie underwear is suitable for bust 75-80cm, lower bust 65-70cm, waist circumference 60-67cm, hip hip hipWomen with 85-90cm of 85-90cm; L No. 1 Women are suitable for bust 80-88cm, lower bust 70-77cm, waist circumference 67-74cm, and 90-98cm hips.

5. What are the figures of XL, XXL suitable for?

XL number fun underwear is usually suitable for female bust 88-95cm, lower bust 77-82cm, waist circumference 74-81cm, hip 98-104cm; XXL is suitable for bust 95-103cm, lower bust 82-87cm, waist circumference 81-87cm, hip width 104-110cm women.However, the size standards of different brands may be different. It is recommended to refer to the size table provided by the brand when buying or try it out.

6. The quality of the quality of sex underwear on the size of the size

Factors such as material, elasticity, and cutting methods of sexy underwear will affect the size.Some brands of sexy underwear may be slightly larger or slightly smaller than underwear with the same size on the market. It is recommended to carefully check the brand’s size watch or try it before buying before buying.

7. Safe and comfort is the first consideration

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size is only the first step, and safety and comfort are the most important consideration.Choose a sexy underwear that conforms to your body size. The material must be breathable and does not produce electrostatic, which can avoid excessive stimulation of the skin.

8. Sexy does not mean uncomfortable

As a sexy and popular clothing, sexy underwear does not mean that it is uncomfortable.Fetable and comfortable sizes and comfortable materials can make you feel a comfortable experience at the same time as sexy while not affecting your health.It is recommended to consider its comfort in the process of buying.

9. Confidence comes from the heart and also from sexy underwear

Selecting sexy underwear that is suitable for your size can make women feel confident and beautiful.Putting on a comfortable quality, suitable size, and sexy sexy underwear can allow you to show your charm and increase self -confidence and happiness.

10. Conclusion

As a popular fashion, sexy underwear is the key to pay attention when choosing.In addition to the size, material and comfort are also important factor that need to be considered when choosing sex underwear.Only by choosing correctly can we truly feel the confidence and beauty brought by sexy underwear.

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