Sexy underwear 130

Sexy underwear 130

What is sexy underwear 130?

Sexy underwear 130 refers to the sexy underwear worn by women with big breasts above 130cm.These underwear style design takes into account comfort and sexy, which can not only provide support and protection for large breasts, but also highlight the chest curve and show the sexy charm of women.

Choose the main point of sexy underwear 130

When choosing a sexy underwear 130, you need to have the following points:

Comfortability is preferred.The material of the underwear should be soft and comfortable, not irritating or tightening the skin.

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Strong support.Women with big breasts need good support to relieve the weight burden on the chest and avoid chest sagging or spinal problems.

Adjustable.Underwear can have adjustable shoulder straps and buttons to adapt to different women’s body shape and comfort.

Sexy charm.The design of sexy underwear 130 needs to take into account sexy charm and protection, which can not only show the sexy charm of women, but also protect chest health.

Sexy underwear 130 style

There are many styles and designs in sex underwear 130. The following are the main styles:

Drain and underwear.This is the most common and most basic style in sexy underwear, which takes into account both practicality and sexy charm.

Tips and vests.This upper -time style can strengthen the support and protection of the chest, and can also show the sexy back curve of women.

Coupled with bodies.This style can balance the proportion of women’s body and enhance women’s overall temperament and charm.

Through pants and T pants.This down style can fully expose the sexy leg curve of women and make women more sexy.

Nipple Tassels

Quota underwear 130 material

The material of sex underwear 130 needs to be comfortable, soft, elastic and breathable.Here are some common materials:

Lace.Lace underwear has a beautifully tailored lace. The material is soft and smooth, with good breathability, suitable for summer wear.

silk.Silk underwear is suitable for cold days, the material is soft and comfortable, and it has good warmth.

Cotton.Cotton underwear is very suitable for sensitive skin women. The material is soft and comfortable and breathable, reducing allergic reactions.

leather.Leather underwear has a unique sexy charm, but the material is not breathable, which is not suitable for summer wear.

The color of sexy underwear 130

The color of sexy underwear 130 needs to match your personal preferences and skin tone. The following are some common colors:

black.Black is the most common and most versatile color in sexy underwear, suitable for any skin tone.

red.Red is the most sexy charm in sexy underwear, suitable for women with fair skin.

White.White underwear looks fresh and pure, suitable for women with darker skin tone.

Pork color.The meat -colored underwear looks transparent and light, suitable for light -colored coats or transparent skirts.

Pay attention to the cleaning method of sexy underwear 130

The cleaning method of sex underwear 130 needs to be cautious.To avoid the use of bleach, preferential use of hand washing or choosing a special box of cleaning clothes.Do not use dryers and hot pieces to avoid deformation or damage of underwear.

Sex underwear 130 brand recommendation

Here are some brand recommendations for sexy underwear 130:

Victoria’s Secret

La Perla

Agent Provocateur

Calvin Klein Underwear

Frederick’s of Hollywood

Experience the charm of sexy underwear 130

Interesting underwear 130 is not only a sexy clothing, but also a way to show feminine charm.While enjoying the sexy charm and self -confidence brought by the sexy underwear, we must also maintain their own identity and dignity and continuously develop their own knowledge and skills.


In short, sexy underwear 130 is a combination of sexy charm and health protection in large breasts.Choosing the right underwear style and material can allow women to protect their health and dignity while showing their sexy charm.However, when enjoying the confidence and charm brought by underwear, you should always maintain your own identity and dignity and continue to develop your skills and knowledge.