Sexy underwear female bundle torture

Sexy underwear female bundle torture

Overview of sexy underwear women’s binding torture

Interest underwear is an ancient and wonderful art. It aims to meet people’s various needs through a variety of models and materials.A special sexy underwear is a female binding torture, which makes people interested in restraint and pain.This underwear is used to simulate texture, test tolerance, and explore the mystery of Etu.The different types of sexy underwear will be introduced one by one.

Female bundled mask

Women’s bundle masks are a blind mask usually made of rubber or leather, which can make people feel a strong sense of restraint and immersion.It can be used for flirting, erotic role -playing and emotional control.

The wrist and ankle are bundled

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This sexy underwear requires women’s wrists and ankles to be tied to the same place, usually the hook above the head.It is useful in physical control and pain exploration.

Bonding tights

Bonding tights is a piece of clothes, and its material is relatively heavy, which may be made of leather or rubber and other materials.It can produce a strong sense of restraint and control, restricting the scope and breathing of people.

Rope and cable restraint

This erotic underwear uses ropes and cables for women’s physical restrictions and restraints.It is more common in Japan and is called "tie games".Experts say that this sexy underwear requires a lot of practice and experience, otherwise it may be unsafe.

Clothing Gothic and Military Forming

Clothing Gothic and military uniforms include the use of soldiers or Gothic to imitate these styles.This sexy underwear is usually made of leather and metal, which can be used for role -playing and sex games.

Female slave chain

Female slave chains are usually used for body bundling and wrist restrictions.This sexy underwear is very popular in sex games and flirting.


Fall in love and scolding

Passion and scolding clothes are a sexy underwear with simulation behavior.It is used to simulate or explore some sex scenes, such as sex slave training, desire that cannot control.

Abstract style restraint underwear

Abstract style restraint underwear has many in terms of materials and styles. Its purpose is to simulate obedience and pain.

Use fingertip’s sexy underwear

The sexy underwear using fingertips is a kind of leather clothing with fingertips.These clothes are used to simulate stimulus and sexual intercourse.

in conclusion

Female binding punishment and binding sexy underwear can not only be used for sex adventure and power games, but also can be used for a series of purposes such as painful exploration and self -discovery.No matter whether it is a beginner or an experienced person, you can find the type of underwear that suits you.However, in any case, when using sexy underwear, you need to ensure safety and talk to your partner before the sex game to ensure the greatest satisfaction.