Sexy underwear hanging shoulder style

Sexy underwear hanging shoulder style

Sexy underwear hanging shoulders -sexy and elegant choice

Introduction: The characteristics of sexy lingerie -shoulder -like shoulder -like

Falling underwear shoulders are a relatively elegant choice. Usually, lace, silk and other textured and soft fabrics are used. After wearing it, it feels sexy and comfortable, suitable for sex activities between couples.Its characteristics are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Hanging shoulder design: This sexy underwear is usually relatively simple. It eliminates a bonded and strong shoulder strap and replaced with an elegant shoulder -hop design. This can fully show the neck lines of women.Human sexy feeling.

Fabric selection: The shoulder -like sexy underwear usually uses lace, silk, chiffon and other fabrics. These fabrics are textured, soft, very comfortable to wear, and can fully show women’s body curves, making people look at it again.

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Lace decoration: Hanging shoulder -like sexy underwear is usually decorated with lace, lace, etc. This can improve the beauty of underwear and make women look more sexy and charming.

Design style: elegant or sexy?

The design style of the shoulder -like sexy underwear is usually divided into two types: elegance and sexy.This is also one of the factors that consumers need to consider when choosing.

Elegant: Elegant sexy underwear usually uses simple lines and elegant colors to fully show women’s elegant temperament. It is very suitable for women’s daily wear. It can also be equipped with daily clothing such as shirts and jackets to increase their sense of ritual.

Sexy: Sexy and sexy underwear pays more attention to the display of curves. It uses dark colors, lace lace and other elements to make women look more charming and touching.This underwear is more suitable for wearing in fun activities, making the atmosphere more enthusiastic.

Applicable occasions: Dating or sex?

The applicable occasions of the shoulder -like sexy underwear are usually divided into two situations: dating and sex, because its elegant characteristics are also suitable for women to wear when dating.

Dating: Elegant sexy underwear is very suitable for women to wear when dating.It can be paired with long jackets, high heels, etc., to increase elegance while not losing sexy temperament, showing women’s confidence.

Sex: In addition to elegant type, sexy and sexy underwear is also very suitable to wear in sex.Elements such as lace lace can better seduce the other half and increase the fun of fun activities.


Size selection: suitable is the most beautiful

Selection of sexy lingerie with shoulder -type size is very important. Only by choosing the right size can we wear the most beautiful effects.Here are the size selection skills of the shoulder -like sexy underwear:

Measuring bust and lower bust: When choosing underwear, you need to measure your bust and lower bust, and select the appropriate size based on this.If you are not sure, please consult online customer service or try to buy before purchasing.

Other factors: In addition to busts and lower busts, you also need to consider factors such as shoulder width and hips, and choose the size that is suitable for all parts of your body as much as possible.

Maintenance Precautions: Gently treat the shoulder -hung underwear

Hanging shoulder -like sexy underwear requires special maintenance to extend its life.The following is the maintenance of the maintenance of the shoulder -like sexy underwear:

It is advisable for hand washing: Sexy underwear is usually softer fabric, which requires hand washing and cannot be machine washed.Before cleaning, you need to select the washing method, temperature, time, etc. according to the label indicator.

Avoid exposure: Interesting underwear needs to be dried in a cool and ventilated place to avoid sunlight and high temperature exposure, so as not to cause damage to underwear fabrics.

Avoid using scalding: Fake materials inside the sexy underwear, cannot be contacted with high -temperature appliances. If necessary, you can use a low -temperature steam iron to light it.

Purchase suggestion: Select regular brands to ensure quality

The purchase suggestion of the shoulder -like sexy underwear is to choose a regular brand to ensure the quality of the product and after -sales service.The following are some questions that you need to pay attention to when buying sexy underwear:

Brand selection: Choosing a well -known erotic underwear brand can not only ensure the quality of the product, but also more complete after -sales service. When necessary, contact the processing problem in time.

Price selection: Although the price of gathering costs is very cheap, the quality cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to choose a suitable shoulder -like sexy underwear, which can ensure the quality and not too high.

Matching skills: elegance and sexy both

Matching is the key. Knowing good matching skills can make women more sexy and charming.Here are the techniques of hanging shoulder sexy underwear:

Elegant and sexy: Elegant sexy underwear can be paired with long clothes and high heels, which can show the elegant temperament of women without losing sexy temperament.

Diversified matching: Hanging shoulder -style sexy underwear can also be paired with casual fashion items such as denim jackets and shorts, adding a casual atmosphere and showing a diversified style of women.

Endmark: Choose a shoulder -like sexy underwear to show your sexy and elegant elegance

If you want to be more sexy and charming in the fun activities, or to add an elegant temperament to the daily match, choosing shoulder -style sexy underwear is a good choice.As long as you pay attention to the size selection and maintenance skills, and choose the regular brand to ensure the quality, you can make yourself more confident and beautiful.