Sexy underwear model goes out of light

Sexy underwear model goes out of light

Sexy underwear model go -light incident at the beginning and end of


Light photo exposure

On the day of the light, there were a large number of media, VIPs and audiences on the scene. When the model was walking, the skirt was accidentally removed. The sexy underwear was exposed on the spot.

Audience response

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Many audiences shocked this incident and questioned the security measures on the spot.Some people think that the sexy lingerie show itself will expose the models to many body parts. It is inevitable that safety measures must be taken to prevent such things from happening.

Brand response

The underwear brand acknowledged that the lighting incident was their responsibility. They issued an apology statement and apologized to the affected audience.In addition, they also promise to take stricter security measures to ensure that similar events will no longer occur in future activities.

Safety problem of sexy lingerie show

The sexy underwear show is a controversial activity.Although it can attract a large number of audiences, security issues are often worrying.Therefore, the organizers must consider many factors, including venue selection, audience and participants’ safety.

Safety measures should be strengthened

For sexy underwear shows, a series of security measures must be taken to ensure the safety of participants and audiences.These measures should include security for the scene, physical examination of participants, and surveillance of the scene.

Models should get more help

Models are an indispensable part of the sexy lingerie show, but their safety and physical health are equally important.Event organizers need to provide model security support, including providing necessary medical examinations and providing professional guidance and training for models.


Need to solve the problem from the source

Although the organizers of the event will bear some responsibilities, the lighting incident also reflects some problems in the industry and society to some extent.Therefore, in order to fundamentally solve these problems, we must take more comprehensive measures, including the formulation of stricter regulations and improving the society’s understanding of the sexy lingerie show.

in conclusion

The sexy underwear show is a controversial activity that must take comprehensive security measures.In addition, models need to help models improve their working conditions.Only in this way can it become a more attractive and secure activity.