Sexy underwear model scraping hair

Sexy underwear model scraping hair

The necessity of sexy underwear model scraping

Before showing erotic underwear, the models must ensure that the body is completely smooth and smooth.This means that they need to make regular hair removal to ensure smooth and refreshing skin, and make the best performance for the display of underwear.


Scraping is a simple and effective method of hair removal. It can be scraped off the hair on the skin surface by using a scraper or razor.In sexy underwear display, deep hair removal method is usually selected, even if you use beeswax or laser hair removal to meet the standard.

Benefits of shaving

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Scratching can make the skin smoother, make the material of the sexy underwear more fit the skin, and show better visual effects.In addition, smooth skin also helps to prevent underwear and hair friction, resulting in discomfort and redness.

Precautions for shaving

Before scraping, the model must carefully check whether the skin has wounds or other trauma.Any skin damage may lead to severe complications.When choosing a hair removal method, you need to choose a professional and safe method.

The pain of shaving

It is inevitable that there will be pain in the process of shaving.However, some measures can be taken to reduce the pain, such as using painkillers in advance, painful and paid pain to reduce drugs.At the same time, when choosing a method of scraping, pay attention to the degree of stimulation of the skin.

Suggestion of anal hair

When showing the sexy underwear in the vagina or anus, you also need to pay attention to the existence of anal hair.Some models will remove anal hair, which is not necessary, but the length of the anal hair should be kept within a proper range.It is recommended to scrape off the skin care layer without abnormal hair without abnormal hair.

Scratching time

It is usually ideal to scrape around 24 hours before the display of sexy underwear, which helps the skin to return to normal and reduce redness and discomfort.When deepening hair removal, more time is needed to restore the skin condition.


Control the frequency of scraping hair

Frequent hair shaving can cause problems such as skin infection, redness, and permanent skin damage.In order to avoid this situation, the model should control the time of scraping to avoid the problem of urinating or the infection after the stool. It is recommended to scrape the hair at least two weeks apart. At the same time, it is best not to use a scraper for scraping.

The best hair state

During the display of sexy underwear, the model must maintain the best state of shaving, which means that the hair of the underarms, vagina, and anus must be kept more state.Any hair that shows mountains will seriously affect the display effect of sexy underwear.

Summary of hair

Interest underwear display is part of the model profession, and it is very important to maintain the perfect state of the body.Scraping is a simple and effective method of hair removal. Proper attention and treatment must be performed before the underwear display.By adopting the correct hair removal method and frequency, the skin can be healthy and smooth to improve the effect of underwear display.