Sexy underwear stimulus novels

Sexy underwear stimulus novels

1. Beautiful and erotic underwear that inspire desire

When those beautiful lace lace and perspective grid passed through the body, sexy underwear became part of sex.Whether it is a sexy pendant or a normal slim, these underwear are a great choice for you to show your body attracting others’ attention.Use bright colors, beautiful styles and beautiful detail elements to increase your sexy charm.Instead of being a sexy goddess, inspiring each other’s desire.

2. Oly -obey the summoning of the soul

Interest underwear is a way to stimulate your shame or experimental contact with others, which is why many couples are hot in the room.When you choose a eye -catching color or a sexy style, they will evoke your soul and attract the attention of others.As a woman, we need to know what we want. Women’s sexual desire is equally strong as men. Don’t be afraid to show your desire.

3. Appropriate size is the key

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When you are elected to buy a sexy underwear, make sure you buy underwear with the correct lower and bust size. Otherwise, your underwear may be uncomfortable and cannot achieve the effect of modifying your body.It is recommended that you try it off layer by layer, because the actual dress experience of buying sexy underwear may be different from daily. You need to consider your comfort when trying on.

4. Less is more harmonious aesthetics

Many women are actually worried that if everything is deeply analyzed and exposed, their bodies may look bad, but they are not.Many erotic underwear can cover their own shortcomings and embellish their own curves.Therefore, choosing an appropriate design of underwear can make your weaknesses instantly become a kind of beauty.

5. Try a variety of different colors

Try to buy some darker underwear, such as black, dark red, dark blue and other colors.These colors not only create a mystery and sexy feeling, but also to stimulate your inner self -confidence and charm. It can even make you emit a kind of small sex.

6. Unique erotic underwear will bring special effects

Some sexy underwear is very unique, and they may need some courage to wear them.But if you are willing to try it, you will find that they are completely worth it.These underwear may increase your sexy charm, or bring you greater stimulation in bed.So, don’t be afraid to try, love yourself!

7. Interest underwear is not a panacea

Interest underwear adds fun to our sexual life, but it is not applicable in case.In some occasions, they may make you feel uncomfortable or inconvenient.So please make sure that you wear sexy underwear, the most important thing is to wear and use it comfortably.


8. Select to create interests according to the season

When you buy sexy underwear for festivals, Valentine’s Day, or if you want to spend a romantic night with your partner, you should also pay attention to the season.When you enter winter in different seasons, what you need is a thick and comfortable underwear. On the contrary, try to wear thinner underwear when entering summer.Of course, when buying sexy underwear, you must also consider the temperature of the indoor environment, and achieve a balance between the effect of keeping warm and bringing people "want to take off light".

9. Experience more different feelings of each other

Interest underwear is not only to cater to men’s sexual fantasies, but also to experience different sex feelings.Try more sexy underwear to achieve the feeling you want to experience.Trying new stimulus and new sexual ways with your partner, the imaginative underwear clothing is indispensable in sex.

10. Have a beautiful mentality

The last thing I want to say is that it is very important to have a beautiful mentality.Interest underwear is a way to show self and increase self -confidence. It can increase each other’s physical and mental joy.Therefore, do not limit yourself to some bodies, colors or sizes.As long as you want to try, whether you are any shape, size, background or personality, sexy underwear will make you confident and exudes your sexy charm.

After all, different colors, different styles, and different materials of sexy underwear have different effects. In the end, we must consider the purpose of wearing erotic underwear. The focus is on the sexy charm of sexy charm and irritating sex.It is necessary to choose a sexy underwear that suits you. I hope this article can provide you with more guidance and suggestions when choosing sexy underwear.