Sexy underwear trademark belongs to the No. 1 category

Sexy underwear trademark belongs to the No. 1 category

Sexy underwear trademark belongs to the No. 1 category

Interesting underwear is a fashion product widely recognized in modern society. It is precisely because of its "sexy, luxurious, mysterious, and charm" characteristics that the sales of sexy underwear have always been high.If you are a sexy underwear merchant, you must know how important the trademark of a brand is. It reflects the image and value of a brand.The following will answer this question.

1. Classification of trademarks

Trademarks refer to a certain logo used to identify products or services, including text, graphics, colors, combinations, etc.According to different regulations, the classification of trademarks is different, but their basic things are to divide the trademark into several categories to facilitate the management and classification of trademarks.

2. Types of trademarks

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According to the use of trademarks and characteristics, trademarks can be divided into individual trademarks, collective trademarks, and proof trademarks.Individual trademarks are the sign of a single merchant; collective trademarks are used by a group of merchants; proof trademarks are managed by some organizations. Merchants use proof trademarks can explain the quality, origin, packaging and other information of their products.

3. Types of sexy underwear trademarks

Interesting underwear trademarks belong to individual trademarks, that is, a trademark used by exactly the same merchants, with clear corporate subjects and scope of use.This means that the brand trademark of sex underwear is the first type of trademark.

4. Introduction to the first type of trademark

The first type of trademark is used to identify the trademarks of general goods and service categories.Here, general products include the main types of goods, such as clothing, food, daily necessities, etc.The service category includes financial services, legal services, tourism services, health services, etc.

5. The connection between sexy lingerie and first type of trademark

Fun underwear trademark belongs to the first type of trademark, which is mainly because it is not essentially different from other clothing products.Therefore, the legal protection of sex underwear trademarks is the same as the trademark protection system in the clothing market.

6. Trademark characteristics

To a certain extent, the trademark represents the image and brand strength of an enterprise.In market competition, trademarks can bring huge business benefits to enterprises.Therefore, protecting trademarks is urgent.


7. The protection of sexy underwear trademarks

Fun underwear trademark is one of the core assets of the enterprise, which can bring rich business benefits to the enterprise, so protection must be strengthened.During the use of trademarks, the company should pay attention to the training of trademarks, maintain the consistency of its strategy with the brand, and take effective measures to prevent the trademark from being violated by criminals.

8. How to create a popular sexy underwear trademark

Creating a popular sexy underwear trademark needs to consider many factors, including color, patterns, names, and so on.Only a few points are introduced here: First, an effective trademark must be associated with the core value of sex underwear and brand culture.Secondly, trademarks must be creative and cannot excessively imitate other brands.Finally, trademarks must be easily recognized and memorized.


In general, sexy underwear trademarks are the first type of trademark, and the protection of trademarks is very important.In this increasingly important era of expanding sales and brand image, a powerful trademark can increase the competitiveness of a brand in market competition.Creating popular sexy underwear trademarks is a task that needs to think in in -depth and carefully planning.