Sexy underwear tuning S

Sexy underwear tuning S


Interest underwear is never just a simple aesthetic item, which contains more sensual and emotional communication.In the process of sexy underwear training, more professional skills and details need to be grasped.This article will be discussed around the Training S of Funny Underwear, providing some practical experience and skills.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

Choosing sex underwear is the first problem to consider.When choosing, you must choose the right style according to the body characteristics and character of S.For example, S, a smaller chest, you can choose a centralized sexy underwear.If S’s body is relatively fat, you can choose to have a sexy underwear of the waist and so on.

Color should be selected

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Practice has proved that the choice of color has a certain impact.Generally speaking, S prefers black or dark, while M or leading people have a good opinion of bright red or pink, because this color can represent authority, sexy and worship, etc., and the colors will look more vivid.Has a stronger visual impact.

Consider the size

For S, the size of the sexy underwear is very important.Too young will make S feel unable to get angry. If it is too large, it will look relatively loose, which will seriously affect the overall effect.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, it is best not to pursue the beauty and ignore the comfort of the body.

Adjust the size hook of sexy underwear

Some erotic underwear with the adjustment of the regulatory hook or zipper, which can gradually increase the sexy experience of S by adjusting the size and adjusting the tightness of the underwear.However, it is necessary to pay attention when using it, according to the experience of S to make an appropriate amount to achieve the best results.

Match the right clothing

There is also a certain match between sexy underwear and clothing.Generally speaking, choosing tight or close -fitting clothing can better enhance the sexy effect of sexy underwear, and at the same time fits S’s body lines.

Visual tuning

The sexy degree of sexy underwear also has an inseparable relationship with the picture in front of you.After we put on sexy underwear, it can be matched with red high heels, fish net socks, irregular skirts, etc. to make the overall effect more colorful.

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Details to adjust underwear

Pay attention to details when tuning S, such as the placement of the inner gauze, the tightness of the waist, and so on.Adjusting these details can make the sexy underwear stickers better, showing a more beautiful figure.

Pay attention to the atmosphere of the atmosphere

At the time of sexy underwear, the atmosphere is also a very important link.You can build a sexy atmosphere for S, such as adjusting the lights or playing appropriate music to increase the effect, making the whole process more interesting and romantic.

Popularity of sexy underwear knowledge

While promoting sexy underwear, it is also necessary to popularize the knowledge of sexy underwear and let more people understand the connotation of sexy and sexy underwear.Promote the healthy, positive sexual knowledge and concepts, and eliminate people’s inherent prejudice and old -fashioned ideas.


When sexy underwear tuning S, choosing suitable sexy underwear, good matching, focusing on details, and atmosphere enhancement can improve the enjoyment of the entire experience.It is hoped that readers can better experience the charm of sexy underwear with with the help of these techniques.