Sexy underwear wholesale price table picture

Sexy underwear wholesale price table picture

Sexy underwear wholesale price table picture

As a wide audience, sexy underwear not only has a large need in personal use, but also grows rapidly in the field of wholesale and sales.For sexy underwear merchants on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao and, it is essential to understand the wholesale price table of love underwear.

Sexual Emotion Underwear Wholesale Price

Sexual feelings are a kind of sexy underwear. The price is relatively high, but the demand is large.The wholesale price is generally between 80-150 yuan/set, and the specific price should be dependent on the differences in materials, styles and manufacturers.

Adult sex lingerie wholesale price

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The wholesale price of adult sex lingerie is relatively low compared to sexual erotic lingerie, generally between 50-100 yuan/set.However, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider factors, materials and styles.

European and American sex underwear wholesale price

European and American sexy underwear is an important category in the sex lingerie market. The price is generally between 100-200 yuan/set.The materials and craftsmanship of European and American sexy underwear are usually more fine and the price will be higher.

Bray lingerie wholesale price

Brawed underwear is a kind of sexy underwear, suitable for customers who want to reflect female sexy charm.The general wholesale price is between 50-100 yuan/piece, while the advanced bra-type sexy underwear requires more than 150 yuan.

Lace sex lingerie wholesale price

Lace erotic underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. Because of the characteristics of fine materials and soft feel, the wholesale price is relatively expensive, generally between 100-200 yuan/piece.But the sales volume is very large, it is one of the main products of sexy underwear merchants.

Transparent sexy underwear wholesale price

The wholesale price of transparent sex underwear is relatively low, generally between 30-100 yuan/set.However, the fabric material, process, design and other factors of transparent sexy underwear will directly affect the price.At the same time, transparent sexy underwear has also been limited by laws and regulations to a certain extent.


Pats and sexy underwear wholesale prices

The wholesale price of the chest and sexy underwear is lower than other sex underwear, usually between 10-30 yuan/pair.Busty underwear usually needs to be matched with other types of sexy underwear at the same time to increase sales.

Leather sex underwear wholesale price

Due to the special materials, the wholesale price of leather sex underwear is relatively expensive, generally between 100-300 yuan/set.However, due to the large market demand, sales cannot be underestimated.

Net socks sex underwear wholesale price

The wholesale price of online socks of lingerie is between 10-50 yuan/pair, but it also needs to consider factors such as cloth materials and design styles.Due to the extensive consumer group, the sales volume of online socks sex underwear is relatively large.


The wholesale price of sexy underwear is affected by various factors, such as styles, materials, crafts, etc.Sexy underwear merchants need to choose wholesale products that suits them according to factors such as market demand, customer needs and their own quality standards.