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What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a female underwear with the characteristics of sexy, seductiveness, special design and decoration.They are different from traditional underwear, but a kind of women’s supplies designed to flirt, arouse desire and irritating sexy.

Sexy style

Sexy style is the most common type.It usually includes a variety of types such as suspenders, lace lace, transparent, and high waist and little cute.These styles of sexy underwear reveal the skin and highlight the body to enhance the sexy charm of women.


The sexy underwear design of the temptation style is different from ordinary underwear. They usually include styles with special straps, buckles, straps and mesh fabrics.The special design of these underwear means that they can induce passion, reflect the charm of women, and attract the interest of men.

Theme style

The theme style sexy underwear is based on some special themes, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, V -character Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.These sexy underwear is usually characterized by special colors, patterns and decorations, making women look more sexy and attractive on special occasions.

Role -playing style

The role -playing style is a more special type in sexy underwear.They include a variety of different types such as police, nurses, lawyers, and dancers.These erotic underwear usually have special design and details, making women become more real and charming in role -playing.

Body shape adjustment style

The sexy underwear that adjusts the style is a specially designed underwear. They aim to keep the sexy charm and make the female figure more perfect.For example, some women with smaller chests can try the style with inner or chest pads, which can make the chest fuller.In addition, some specially designed underwear can change the shape of the hips.

Adult entertainment style

The sexy underwear of adult entertainment styles is used with adult toys.These underwear usually includes a variety of types such as shoulder guards, hand -restrictions, shackles and necks.Some more advanced styles even include adults such as anal plugs, vibrators and emulators.

European and American style

European and American -style sexy underwear usually has amazing design details and the characteristics of artistic.Their style is different from the traditional East Asian -style sexy underwear, and usually pays more attention to the design and details.

Japanese and Korean style

Japanese and Korean -style sexy underwear is characterized by its small, exquisite, cute and interesting design.They usually include animal shapes, comics or cartoon patterns and various cute colors.Japanese and Korean -style sexy underwear is very popular among young women.


Sexy underwear is one of the keys to sexy and seductive women.Choosing the right sexy underwear type and style can make a woman more sexy and charm.Whether you want to induce passion or to increase self -confidence, you can find a suitable sexy underwear to meet your needs.

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